Simple Baby Bunting - Finished Bunting

Here is a baby banner sewn using handmade applique fabric letters! I wanted to start personalizing some of my sewing projects like blankets, so used this mini project as a way to tryout applique. I hand-cut all the triangles and made the applique letters out of fabric. All this sewing project requires is a few triangles, a few applique letters, and some store-bought fabric binding! The whole project was completed in a short afternoon.

Simple Baby Bunting - Cut out triangles and free-hand draw some letters. Simple Baby Bunting - Outline the letters in a heavy marker like Sharpie. Simple Baby Bunting - Notice you can see the outline of the letters through the backing. Simple Baby Bunting - The traced letters, notice they are backwards. Simple Baby Bunting - The letters are ironed on and ready to be stitched.

Quilting Cotton or Lightweight Cotton Fabric – 2 to 3 Colors
2 Yards Fabric Binding – 1/2″ Wide
Heat-N-Bond Lite Fusible Web
Thread in Coordinating Color
Markers, Pen, Paper, Scissors
Optional: Rotary Cutter, Mat, Quilting Grid, Fabric Chalk

Finished Banner measures 51″ Long w/ 11″ tail on each side.
Finished Triangles measure 6″ x 7″ each.

Cut Triangles. Take 2 pieces of fabric, place Wrong Sides together, pin, and cut into a triangle. Notice the triangle has an extra inch or so at the top for sewing. Cut as many as desired. Pin together so each set of triangles stays together and set aside. Each has an extra inch or so at the top, see diagram.
I cut 9 triangles – 6.5″ x 8″ each.

Make Letters. I hand drew the letters using paper and pen. Then traced a heavy outline with a Sharpie Marker. Rough trim around outline and set aside. Make sure to estimate how big the letters should be to fit into triangles. Leave about a 1-inch space around each letter. Mine are about 2″ x 3″.

Prepare Fusible Web. I cut a fusible strip enough to fit all the letters. Then, using fabric I chose for lettering, cut enough fabric to fit the fusible. Iron the fabric to the fusible as directed. Note: Many people trace first then fuse!

Trace Letters. Trace each letter by placing the letter face down, then placing the fused fabric face down directly on top of the letter so paper backing is facing up. The letter outline should show through the fabric. Trace directly onto the paper side. The letter should be traced in reverse. Cut each letter out following the outline.

Iron On Letters. Place each letter onto a triangle, peel off backing, iron as directed. Zigzag stitch around the edge of each letter.

Sew Triangles Together. Place Right Sides of triangles together, pin, then sew about a 1/4″ from edge leaving top (flat side) un-sewn. Turn inside out, poke out point, iron down seams.

Sew Triangles To Binding. Space out and pin triangles to binding. Sew across binding. Done! I left the binding tails undone.

I found this great video online on how to create applique fabric letters. She has a great way to trace letters using a window pane here. There are many ways to make letters including using a printer. Here is a video on making letters with a printer.

Fusible Web – This is the stuff used to glue fabric together! There are many out there. Choose a double stick fusible suitable for your fabric type. Steam A Seam 2, Wonder Under, or Heat N Bond are the most popular. I used Heat N Bond. Some of my letters didn’t stick right! I’m not sure if I ironed too much or had the wrong setting.

I bought all my supplies on Craftsy! Yes, they now have a wonderful store and prices are very decent. And they carry all the best products/brands. From fusible web to batting! I loved the shopping experience as well. I also used a Rotary Cutter, Quilting Ruler, Self-Healing Mat, and fabric chalk to cut all my triangles. Supplies found here. Craftsy also has a lovely tutorial on simple baby blanket with applique letters.

There are many styles of buntings that come in different shapes. Try square, rounded, or any other simple shape. Fabric scraps can be great for this project. Or about 2 fat quarters of fabric plus some for the letters is all that is needed. I used polyester thread, Allover Owls by Spring Creative, a solid broadcloth for the backing, and white scrap fabric for the letters.

Next time I would do a contrasting stitch on the letters! A navy blue would have been nice.

Simple Baby Bunting