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Ohayo! Welcome to OMG! Heart – my Knitting, Crochet, and Sewing blog. My name is Alice and “O.M.G., Heart It!!” is what I usually say when I see things that I love.

OMG! Heart, Upstairs at Kam Man, Spring 2012

About Me
I’m a Do-It-Yourselfer when it comes to hobbies. I consider them a luxury, so I tend to be frugal about them. I love the concept of being resourceful too – practical and creative, efficient even! I also love handmades, handicrafts, recycling, upcycling, reusing, and being able to create something with my own two hands. Handmades also come with a story, a history, and, as always, are one-of-a-kind which are all nice bonuses.

So naturally what’s not to love about Knitting, Crocheting, or Sewing?? I’m a self-taught knitter and crocheter. My first hobby, aside from reading, was cooking! I began cooking in high school by following recipes on the back of pasta boxes and chocolate chip bags and from PBS cooking shows like The Frugal Gourmet, Jacques Pepin, Lidia etc. I also taught myself to knit in high school through books borrowed from the local public library, back when the Internet was only for the military and things like DARPA Net were not for us laymen. Then I picked up Crochet several years later, then Sewing, and learned mostly through resources I found online!

OMG! Heart in Summer Shift Dress by OMG! Heart, 2012About This Site
Too many hobbies! This website came about as a way to log all the resources that have helped me teach myself. It serves as my own handy reference that I happen to make public!

OMG! Heart contains a collection of (mostly) free patterns and wonderful resources online (and IRL) that I’ve found while on my fiber crafting journey. They are what have helped and inspired me most as a DIY crafter. I also share all the places I find in New York City to go for your crafty needs from where to fix your vintage sewing machine, take a class, or get some lovely yarn!

It’s for anyone who is a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to Knitting, Sewing, and Crochet. Anyone without a huge budget or much time who’d like to try it at their own pace and per their own investment. From the curious student to the ambitious career lady, frazzled mom or craft dabbler, these are great hobbies for all. So follow me here, on OMG! Heart, to share my fiber craft journey. Hope you enjoy my blog!

All my original designs and patterns are free to copy and post as long as it’s posted with a credit to me and a link to OmgHeart.com. For further inquiries, questions, concerns, or just to say Hi!, contact me!

Do You Want to Teach Yourself to Knit or Crochet Too?
It’s especially easy these days when we have the glorious Internet and Google! How-To videos, step-by-step instructions with photos, free patterns, and the ability to shop around for the best prices and products out there are all at your fingertips. Just google it!

All these resources are mostly blogs from fellow enthusiasts and websites that share their passions! And are mostly free! Dig in to all the free patterns listed on my site, where to find yarns and tools, or where to find some unique and interesting paid patterns that are out of the ordinary. Check out the resources below to get started!

See here for A Note About Beginning Sewing
See here for A Note About Beginning Knitting or Crochet
See here for A Note About Pattern Testing & Accuracy

OMG! Heart in Papercut Patterns Circle Top, 2011 OMG! Heart at Maker Faire, Hall of Science, Flushing Meadow Corona Park, 2011 OMG! Heart in DIY Couture Gathered Dress, 2010 OMG! Heart in Gary, Indiana, 2009

Clothing & Accessories On This Page
Knit Top – Summer Shift Tunic, OMG! Heart, 2011
Knit Dress – Summer Shift Dress, OMG! Heart, 2011
Knit Cowl – Tri-Strand Cowl, OMG! Heart, 2011
Denim Dress – DIY Couture Gathered Dress, OMG! Heart, 2010
Circle Top – Papercut Patterns Circle Top, OMG! Heart, 2011
Crochet Top – Freeform Crochet, Jun Iseyama, 2006
Dress Yellow – Tracy Feith, 2009
Earrings – Draugsvold, 2005


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