Things to do during self-quarantine

The Coronavirus Outbreak has many Americans on self-quarantine. It’s a great way to minimize the spread of infection but also an opportunity to do all those things at home that we couldn’t before. Here are some ways we can make the most of it!

Learn More About Coronavirus
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Gather Supplies
Cleaning supplies, pantry items, household essentials, medicine, vitamins etc are all good things to have on hand. Don’t forget supplies for your pets too!

Many online stores can deliver what you need straight to your door. Stock is currently low or unavailable for many high-demand items but grocery delivery may still be available. Check out your local grocers to see if they have delivery. Here are some nationwide delivery services:

Cleaning (Car and Home)
From decluttering and organizing to disinfecting. Clearing away clutter, putting things away, and starting to clean objects and surfaces are great ways to protect ourselves. If you’re like me, then parts of my home really needed a deep clean. Now is a great opportunity to do so. Here are some helpful links on how to clean and what products to use. Don’t forget washing clothes, linens, and all your pet’s gear from leashes, collars, and harnesses to accessories, clothes, and bedding.

It can be safer and cleaner to begin cooking your own meals. Why not make meals that are also freezable? I have been making large portions of anything from Chicken Soup, Lentil Soup, Chili to Fried Rice in large portions and freezing at least one portion of whatever I make. Here are some recipe blogs I especially love. They are budget-friendly and extremely helpful in finding recipes for the ingredients you have.

Try Knitting or Crochet
Always wanted to try Knitting or Crochet? Now can be your time. Many online yarn stores and hobby shops are still open for business and shipping sales!

Here’s a quick list of where to get supplies Online and in NYC:

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Here are all my FAVE free patterns I’ve curated along the way