Worsted for Wear

The Dark Knit Rises: Knitting Comics!

Love that Batman is knitting!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! It’s the last official weekend of summer. Le sigh. But hopefully these new comics I discovered will keep you in good spirits. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Worsted for Wear, a comic strip created by Rachael and Josh Anderson, does not always feature Batman in his knitting stance! But it does have a lot of knitting anecdotes I can relate to. It’s a nice geeky little slant too with nods to nerdy pop culture from comics, movies, guy knitters, work etc.

Worsted for Wear

I’m not so into Batman personally but love that they’re both featured together. And, of course, love that there’s a comic strip dedicated to knitting and crochet anecdotes.

P.S. I saw Dark Knight Rises and thought it was a really fun action movie, so I gave it an A+ for Action! However, my BF, who is a Batman fanaticus maximus, hated it… Too much side story that deviated too far from original story lines, not enough Batman, and no new cool gadgets for the wow-factor… The Batman purist in him was downright insulted! Ah well. Onward to more knitting comics…

Worsted for Wear

Been there!

Worsted for Wear

Oh, Crochet is not THAT bad!

Worsted for Wear

Yay! “Famous guys” knitting!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Rachael and Josh will have a new knitting, crochet, or yarn anecdote for you to enjoy! According to her bio, Rachael is “an avid knitter and life-long Batman fan!” who also happens to love to draw and make comics! AWESOME SAUCE!

If interested in more knitting-related comics, check out their website. All their comic strips are posted there. You can Buy a Print through their site too.

Via Worsted for Wear by Rachael and Josh Anderson