Afro-Futurism: Costume Design and Textiles of Black Panther

For me Black Panther was a wonderland of hairstyles, tattoos, makeup, body modification, and costume design. My all-time fave, Okoye’s Red Dress as seen below and in the Casino Fight Scene and later Car Chase scene. A Superhero Movie based on a Marvel Comic character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Black Panther himself […]

Pattern: Pussy Hat Project

Womens Relaxed Fit This simple knit hat with kitten ears has become a powerful symbol of the Women’s March, a stand for Women’s reproductive rights, equality, and the human rights of all. The Pussy Hat Project was a direct protest against the now President and his insulting behavior! It sent a powerful message without a […]

Women’s March Washington

Women’s Rights are Human Rights For me, and many, the cornerstone of this movement is the treatment and rights of women, our roles, and our bodies in our society as well as our reproductive rights. On Jan 20th, Inauguration Day, Donald Trump, will be sworn in as our next president. On Jan 21st is when […]

OMG! Heart goes to BRIC House

OMG! Heart goes to BRIC House

Intervention: Indigo by Laura Anderson Barbata – Handwoven Indigo Textiles by Habibou Coulibaly I went to see Material Cultures, a Fiber Arts installation, at BRIC House Brooklyn! Textile and Fashion lovers will enjoy the tribal-inspired garments by Laura Barbata. Crochet lovers will enjoy Xenobia Bailey’s mandalas. Embroidery and Painting lovers will enjoy Sophia Narrett’s hand-embroidered […]

Heather Phillipson at Frieze Art Show 2016

OMG! Heart goes to The Frieze

100% Other Fibers by Heather Phillipson @ The Frieze Art Show 2016 Spring Frieze came to town and my buddy treated me to a day! Frieze, an art fair consisting of galleries from around the world, features leading contemporary and emerging artists. Here are some notables from the Frieze. Maurizio Cattelan, Italy, featured a live […]

Simplicity Spring+Summer Sewing Patterns

Simplicity #1196I was shopping around for some sewing patterns and wanted to buy them all… Here are just a few on my list to buy by Simplicity and Burda! Their website sells almost all the patterns they carry and it’s fun to browse around. Many are $12 or less! Simplicity’s “Jiffy” line is great for […]

Guy Crochets Awesome Food Hats

How cute are these?! Here’s Phil Ferguson from Melbourne, Australia, also known as Chilly Philly. He creates crochet food hats such as a pizza slice or popsicle, taco or hamburger with the works. And models them all himself! They’re super fabulous and a must see. Here’s a few I especially like. Beans on toast, pizza […]

Largest Crochet Blanket in the World

Largest Crochet Blanket in the World by Mother India’s Crochet Queens Chennai, India – January 31, 2016 The Largest Crochet Blanket in the world made with hundreds of 40 x 40 inch squares contributed by over 1,000 participants from 14 different countries. It measures 11,148.5 meters square or about 120,001 feet square. It stretches across […]

Pattern: Knitted Pocket Tissue Holder

This simple project is just a knitted rectangle folded in thirds. It requires knitting a 6″ x 6.5″ rectangle using Seed Stitch then sew the ends to close. I was packing for a trip and wanted to bring some tissues. Rather than buy travel-sized tissues, I just quick knitted a little holder for some tissues! […]

How-To: Simple Baby Bunting

Here is a baby banner sewn using handmade applique fabric letters! I wanted to start personalizing some of my sewing projects like blankets, so used this mini project as a way to tryout applique. I hand-cut all the triangles and made the applique letters out of fabric. All this sewing project requires is a few […]