Support the United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service supports everything from small businesses to delivering life-saving medication, paychecks, essential supplies, voting ballots and much more. Small businesses from restaurants to Etsy artisans rely on the Postal Service to exist! During this pandemic, it has been a lifeline for every American. With pivotal elections coming up in November and the Coronavirus still raging on, it could prove to be essential in exercising our right to vote too.

We need the USPS now more than ever!

While every state moves to provide Mail-In Voting, which will rely on a concerted effort from the Postal Service, the newly appointed Postmaster General has moved to undermine any effort to do so. Not to mention extreme Voter Suppression being reported in states like Georgia and Alabama. The ability to Vote By Mail is especially critical in upholding every citizen’s right to cast their vote.

We need Mail-In Voting now more than ever!

Supporting the Postal Service any small way we can could make all the difference. Here are some ways we can do that!

♥️ Learn more about the United States Postal Service
Find some fun facts and history on,
Stay up to date on USPS status,

♥️ Give them a follow on Social Media!
Interact with and engage with them through these fun platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. They even have blog, Postal Posts!

♥️ Call Your Representatives!
Easily connect to your representatives through the form below. You will be connected to your individual government officials. It also includes details on just what’s at risk.

Here’s a sample script:

Hi, I am a constituent calling from zip code, xxxxx. I am concerned about the Postal Service being undermined. This affects small businesses, seniors & veterans, and impacts our right to vote and to vote safely in the upcoming election. I am asking for emergency funding for the USPS, immediate restoration of services, an investigation into Postmaster DeJoy & his new policies, and for Congress and USPS to draft an effective plan to support nation-wide Vote By Mail. Thank you.

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