9 DIY Fabric Face Mask Tutorials

Here are several ways to craft your own fabric face masks from a Taiwanese Doctor to your Home Sewer. Most of these require a sewing machine and/or sewing needle + thread but some get creative by using office supplies or stationary supplies.

Here is a super cute one from Sanrio and Hello Kitty! It requires fabric, uses pipe cleaners for an adjustable nose piece, and hair ties!

Here is one that just requires 2 things, a bandana and 2 elastic hair ties.

If you have more great tutorials or designs you like, please feel free to share by adding to the Comments section below. See my post of gathering supplies needed to make your own!

This AsiaOne article contains 2 tutorials and are notable because these versions include a pocket for an air filter as seen below.

DIY Face Mask by Taiwanese Doctor

Pleated Face Mask by ButtonTree

Craft Passion’s design has a contoured shape and a simple construction. She also includes a downloadable pattern for your convenience.

Countoured Face Mask by Craft Passion

This Instructables design is another contoured version similar to Craft Passion’s however this post contains some info on CDC recommendations.
DIY Face Mask at Instructables by AsheveilleJM

ButtonCounter has a pleated design which allows more depth to accommodate the nose area.
Pleated Face Mask by ButtonCounter

Acupuncture Brooklyn has a few examples of basic cloth masks that can be used as inspiration. One sample uses 2 ties instead of elastic bands which tie in back of the head and at the nape of the neck. This can be useful if elastic is hard to find.
Simple Face Masks

3 Face Masks by South China Morning Post
South China Morning Post has 3 types of DIY Masks including a face shield using office supplies like paper towels, a hole punch, and other stationary supplies.

Supplies for Face Mask

Here is a tutorial by Mana Creative Corner that also requires no Sewing Machine or Fabric! They provide 3 ways you can create masks with a needle and thread, hot glue gun, and stapler using what looks like a dust bag for shoes.

Here is a video tutorial for a simple pleated mask by JOANN Fabric.

Additional Links and Resources:
CDC Guidelines on Fabric Face Masks, how to wear, and how to clean. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html