Simply take a bandana (or any cotton scarf) and fold! Then use elastic hair ties found in any drugstore (or online) as ear straps. Usually bandanas are about 22″x22″ and I like these Goody Hair Elastics, 2mm or thicker.

Supplies Needed

  • Bandana
  • Hair Ties

What I like is this is washable and doesn’t require sacrificing any fabric or materials. Once you don’t need a face mask anymore, you can just unfold and use the bandana or hair elastics as usual.

This tutorial is by Mari Koga, here is her original Facebook Post.

Here is another no-sew fabric face mask that uses a handkerchief and 2 hair elastics made exactly the same as above but with pictures instead of video.

Here is another no-sew fabric face mask that requires 2 things: A 10×6″ piece of fabric and twine… Just punch 3 holes in each side and thread twine through to tie!