YarnPop and GoKnit Bags
Left: YarnPop Pouch ~ Right: GoKnit Bag

OMG! Heart these. Just discovered these handy little accessories for knitting and crochet! I always drag some crochet or knitting with me wherever since I commute on the train to work and I always just throw my knitting into the smallest plastic bag I can find. I also always find that I need a yarn ball container/bag when working at home because it keeps the yarn from rolling around but never quite found one I wanted. Until now! I found both of these at Lion Brand Yarn Studio. The only major con I see is they’re both on the pricey side. Crafters on a budget can easily poke 2 holes in a bag or something to come up with a similar, albeit less durable, solution. For more avid crafters, it can be well worth the splurge!

GoKnit Bags - Outside  GoKnit Bags - Inside Loop Closed  GoKnit Bags - Inside Loop Opened

GoKnit Bags $26
I’ve been carrying around my travel/commuter knit and crochet projects in plastic bags! Great in a pinch but if you do it a lot, you’ll find your needles poke thru, the bags tear, and of course it’s unsightly. So when I saw these simple yet durable looking bags, it was the perfect solution! Super lightweight, durable, easy to keep clean, and can ball up into nothing when not in use. I also love that there are many loops and drawstrings so you can attach to whatever you desire.

It’s simply a drawstring bag that has 2 snap close loops. One on the inside (to feed your yarn through) and one on the outside to attach to a purse or bag! Plus, you can swap out projects whenever you want. You can snap open the inside loop to pull the yarn through without having to cut it, so projects already in progress can be removed and replaced whenever you like. Awesome. These bags are offered in a variety of materials. I got the Nylon Medium in Bright Yellow.

Where To Buy: GoKnit Pouches by KnowKnits.com

YarnPop Pouches $29
This is a handy yarn pouch with two little holes for pulling yarn though. Fabulous for keeping balls and skeins from rolling around everywhere, yarn from tangling, and getting dirty. And it’s a lot less bulky and lighter than most yarn holders. A small con is you cannot use this pouch for projects you’ve already started without cutting the yarn, pulling it through the holes, and then rejoining.

The pouch I got has 2 holes on one side so I could use it to carry 2 different yarn colors! It also comes in other varieties, one pouch has a hole on each side with an additional inside zip to separate your yarn balls. They have so many different variations. Check out their site for the one that best suits you! I got the Large with 2 holes on the same side.

Where To Buy: YarnPop Pouches