Crochet Hoop Earrings
Pattern #3 of my Beaches, Bikes, & Babes Collection for Spring/Summer 2011.

Summer is officially here! It was a hot hazy kick off to Memorial Day Weekend here in NYC. I was doing some spring cleaning when these random hoop earrings fell out. I was going to toss them but thought maybe I can crochet over them and then thought “and I have the perfect yarn for it!”. So here they are. It took about 20-30 minutes tops. This is a great use for any DK Weight scrap yarn you have laying around!

It’s also a great way to change the look of a pair of nice hoops you have just for the summer. Just unravel the yarn when you’re done and you’ll have your expensive hoops back to normal! Re-crochet the same pair of earring in whatever color you like after you get sick of the first one!

Karabella Glimmer, Pink (674), DK Weight, 90% Rayon 10% Lurex, 141 yards, $9.50 per ball
Crochet Hook Size E [3.50mm]
1 Pair Hoop Earrings

Skill Level: Beginner

Crochet Hoop EarringsPattern:
Make a slip knot as normal. Slip this loop onto your earring. Leave the loop a little loose so there is room to slip your hook through. Slip your crochet hook through the loop as if to Single Crochet. Then tighten the loop.

Crochet Hoop EarringsSingle crochet as normal treating the hoop portion of the earring as your base row!

Crochet Hoop EarringsMake sure to tuck in your tail as you go for a neat finish.

Crochet Hoop EarringsContinue this all the way around until complete! Fasten off!. Clip yarn as close to the hoop as possible since you will not be able to weave in ends.

Choose any cheapie hoop earrings you’d like. In any size.

Crochet tight! Also, when nearing the end, spread out the stitches so that they are tight around the hoop. This way the stitches don’t slip off the hoop.

Mix up your stitches – E.g. Repeat [sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc] for a scalloped or flower petal look for kids! ANY crochet border or edging stitch pattern will work for these. Go nuts!

Karabella Glimmer is an old yarn. I got it at School Products. It is pink with metallic gold thread through it. I think it is discontinued. Some nice substitutes would be Jute yarn, Hemp yarn, anything with a nice texture. Any metallics. E.g. Tahki Stacy Charles metallics like these S. Charles Collezione metallics. Or a novelty yarn.