Happy December 1st! This means it’s only 24 days until Christmas and 24 days to finish up all your Christmas presents. Here’s what I’ve been working on…

Sunny Spread Squares

6 Skeins Caron Simply Soft Yarn, 100% Acrylic, Worsted Weight, Off White 9702, 315 yards per skein (6oz Size Skein)
Tapestry or Yarn Needle
Hook Size J [6.00mm]

Width: Upon Completion
Length: Upon Completion
I got 9 Squares per Skein (almost 10!)
Each square measures about 6″ x 6″

Skill Level: Intermediate

The full pattern is FREE from Red Heart. [pdf]

The wagon wheel motif is very simple, the pattern is easy to follow and not complex. However Red Heart classifies the pattern as “Intermediate” possibly because of the stitch which uses Front Post Double Crochet [fpdc]. The pattern provides well detailed step-by-step pictures of how to perform the FPDC, so it’s easy to pick it up for the first time.

Make 49 of these squares, whipstitch the squares together, crochet the border on, weave in ends! (The original pattern calls for 64 squares.)

Each square also crochets up very fast – 7 rounds from start to finish. A fast crocheter can probably knock out 3-4 squares in 1 hour.

Each square is crocheted in the round. So no flipping your work!

This project is easily completable for Christmas time! Also, a very convenient project to take with you for traveling! It would have been perfect for over the Thanksgiving weekend. You don’t have to lug around or have a giant half completed blanket in your lap, on the plane, or while sitting around chatting at a family members’ house. Just bring a few skeins and make your squares as you go. You’ll only have to have 1 skein and 1 square in your lap at any given time.

Caron Simply Soft Yarn was hard for me to find in my area. We don’t have many large discount craft stores and the yarn shops usually carry higher end selections. I luckily had 6 skeins left over from a previous afghan project that I’m now using for this one. I was able to find this store, called Fabric Sav-A-Thon, on KnitMap that carries it. Otherwise, if you can wait for the shipping, you can find it easily online on ShopCaron.com, Joann, or Hobby Lobby.