Kublai Khan Splendor Hat by Elisabeth Poire

This will be my next hat. It’s by Elisabeth Poire or “Lizzie P” The pattern can also be found on her website www.delaido.com [pdf]. Here’s more samples of the hat knitted up! It’s simply a long knit hat with the edges rolled up and a little pointy detail at the top!

Update: Here’s my completed hat.

I found this pattern on Ravelry.com! Love that site. Mainly because it’s a wealth of free patterns by indie/rogue knitters and crocheters alike! You can find some excellent free patterns (knitted up and checked by others in the community that have tried them. with reviews!) as well as a large community of fellow obsessed stitchers and make some friends!

They also have a really handy way of searching for any patterns you’d like in their huge database of user submitted designs. For example, I was looking for a chunky hat in knit, so I searched: Knit, Super Bulky, Hat, Adult! You can search by project, yarn weight, popularity etc. So handy! I still have to get my profile, http://www.ravelry.com/people/omgheart up and upload all my projects… But once I do I’ll be up and running!