The Charging Bull statue in Bowling Green known as The Wall Street Bull got crocheted by guerilla artist, Agata Olek. I hear it lasted about 2 hours before it got taken down. That’s a large crochet piece to not only make but squeeze on! I hope it didn’t get confiscated. See below for her video on how she did it!

Charging Bull Crochet by Agata Olek

Olek is and Crochet fanatic and crochets everything from bikes to people! See also, Agata Olek’s Vimeo Page where she has other videos about knitting!

“I started it with a bike and ended up with the Charging Bull as a Christmas gift to NYC and a tribute to the sculptor of the bull, Arturo di Modica, who is another guerrilla act, placed the bull on Wall Street in Christmas of 1987 as a symbol of the “strength and power of the American people” following the 1987 Stock Market crash.” –Agata Olek

Wall St. Charging Bull Statue
Charging Bull Sculpture
Bowling Green Park, NY | Map

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Update: See here for yet another yarn bomb by Olek. Whimsical!