Heart these two free knit and crochet patterns from Berroco Design. They also have a nice pattern library of free patterns as well as patterns for sale.

Buster Pattern by Berroco DesignKnit – Buster Pattern – Dog Pattern
How cute is this little dog sweater?! I love that is it simple and modern. With nice little details like the collar and buttons. I’m not normally one to go for knits for pets but I was looking for one for a present. [pdf]

Buster Pattern by Berroco Design

Kluster Patter by Berroco DesignCrochet – Kluster Pattern – Crochet Hook Pouch
This stylish little crochet hook pouch sure beats the crappy one I crocheted to hold my needles. It’s also so simple yet luxe looking. I especially like the lacy crochet band in the middle that holds the hooks. Clever, stylish, and practical! Plus, the skill level is Easy Beginner so you will be done with this project in a jiffy without much headache. [pdf]

Kluster Pattern by Berroco Design

Berroco Design yarns generally have a casual sophisticated character. Just like their patterns! The yarns are very beautifully designed and well paired with their patterns. If I had to describe it – most of the pattern styles are a cross between Anthropologie and J. Crew. None of those are my style per se but they are great styles for knits! And that’s what I like about them.

I don’t see many knit or crochet patterns that I love because most have an arts and crafts vibe. Blecch. (Even Vogue Knitting falls victim to that I think. I’m generally not a fan of their patterns.) Finding a great way to use beautiful yarn is also very key in having your project come out fashionable. I find that part extremely difficult and I’m still working on that! That mixed with finding suitable colors in relation to your project and it’s final use really make a piece sophisticated. Great photos help too. Those little details make a huge impact. In a good way! Berroco does it gorgeously.

You will find a nice cache of “heart”-worthy free patterns along with patterns for sale in their pattern library. It has lots of hidden little gems! They have a cute blog too. Here are some other free patterns I found that I liked:

Beseme Pattern by Berroco DesignCrochet – Beseme Scarf Pattern
I’ve seen many a crochet scarf design just like this. But the yarn they chose (the material, the way it drapes etc) and the color (that color is perfect on her!) they used to showcase their pattern make it that much better. [pdf]

Insou Pattern by Berroco DesignKnit & Crochet – Insou Pattern – Beret
It’s both knit and crochet! Again, I’ve seen countless beret patterns very similar to this one. However, it’s the mix of stitches, the cable and the thin little braid pattern together, in the body of the hat that set it apart. I love those little details. And I love that stitch pattern! In this pattern, the hat itself is entirely knit. It’s the little flowers at the bottom that are crochet. [pdf]