Sewing patterns can be hard to find in New York City! We have everything here! Except the normals things.

Since starting my sewing class and seeing how wonderfully fun it is, I started looking for ideas and patterns to make my first at-home pieces. I was looking for vintage mod style clothing to make myself and came upon Sweet Sassafras. It’s a sewing blog by Sara from Portland, Oregon and has a lovely list of online resources for vintage sewing patterns! It is a treasure trove. They are conveniently listed from inexpensive to pricey. Sweet Sassafras’ Vintage Sewing Patterns Directory:

Inexpensive Patterns

Scissor Happy
Not only a good selection of vintage patterns, but they have their own little line of patterns as well! The hawaiian sarong pattern is gorgeous!
Selection: Excellent

Vintage Stitching
A sweet little website with some real gems!
Selection: Good

The Vintage Peddler
Vintage clothing shop with a selection of lovely patterns from the 20s to the 70s!
Selection: Good

A nice selection of patterns from the 1950s to the present at this Etsy shop.
Selection: Good

Vintage Martini
Several lovely patterns at more than fair prices.
Selection: Fair


Many patterns at good prices, but it will take some looking!
Selection: Excellent

Main Street Mall Online.
Selection: Excellent

Out of the Ashes Collectibles
Well organized, great selection, and good prices!
Selection: Excellent

Grandma’s House
Very cheap, with lots of variety other than women’s clothing. Great place to look for cheap patterns from the 60s and 70s, especially.
Selection: Fair

Mom’s Patterns
Nicely organized by decade, and large selection.
Selection: Excellent

So many patterns, at very reasonable prices!
Selection: Excellent

Moderately Priced Pattern

Lanetz Living
Great selection of patterns from all eras, easy navigation, and decent prices.
Selection: Excellent

Patterns from the Past
Not easy to navigate, but patterns are divided by specific brand or decade, they are divided up accordingly. Also has a 5 patterns for $5 section.
Selection: Excellent

Antique Dollhouse of Patterns
Really great selection from many different eras! Very well organized, if you’re looking for something specific.
Selection: Excellent

I love that the patterns here are searchable by type, style, brand, decade, measurements, and more!
Selection: Good

Vintage Fashion Library
Sells both originals and copies, at good prices. I like that it’s easy to scan patterns by bust size.
Selection: Good

Rusty Zipper
This is another vintage store that sells patterns. Most seem to be from the 60s and 70s, and they’re not organized by decade.
Selection: Fair, mostly 60s and 70s

The Sewing Palette
Some very lovely things here. The selection is small, but well edited.
Selection: Good

De Witt & Co
Patterns from the 1800s to the 1970s, at good prices.
Selection: Good

Heavens to Betsy
This vintage store also specializes in sewing patterns. Good selection and prices!
Selection: Excellent

Pricier Patterns

So Vintage Patterns
Great selection! Over 4000 vintage patterns here, from all decades of the last century.
Selection: Excellent

Collette Patterns

Your Pattern Shop (Vintage, Retro, Out-of-Print Patterns)

The Blue Gardenia
The Blue Gardenia carries some lovely patterns. But if you spend the time, there are some gems.
Selection: Good

Vintage Patterns Wiki