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I made it out to The Sheep & Wool Family Festival up in Rhinebeck, NY and it was so fun! It’s a veritable yarn wonderland, so many lovely yarn producers were showing and there were many sales to be had. I had the chance to see Qiviut in person for the first time. It’s a very luxurious yarn made from Musk Ox down. Swoon. Aside from the wonderful yarn, wool roving, books, tools, and miscellaneous trim offerings, there was a small zoo for kids and animal lovers alike. We also got to see all the winning sheep breeds and their beautiful and varied coats.

And the food. The food was an attraction on its own. Lamb everything (no comment) from soup (delicious) to sandwiches to kebabs to even Shepherd’s Pie, sausages (The Kielbasy on a Stick was YUMM), fries, pretzels, and so much more. There were also many artisan food booths from cheese to hot sauces. Delightful.

For those who need bulk yarn or are serious Knitters or Crocheters in need of mass quantities of high-quality artisan yarns this festival is worth the visit. If I wasn’t already crushing under a gigantic yarn stash it would have been the perfect opportunity to “stock up”. I did manage to get a whole bunch of beautiful buttons from a few booths and some Noni Design patterns though. For those who just might want a day out in the “country”, it’s a nice day trip out of NYC.

To best describe it – My darling boyfriend, who was nice enough to spend the day with me, said it’s like a WoolCon, kind of like ComiCon (a giant conference for Anime, Video Game, and Comic nerds), but for wool! The fall leaves were changing and it was crisp and cold but not too cold! It was the perfect day out and a welcome change of scenery for this city mouse.

It was a bit hard to get to – about a 2-hour ride on the Metro-North railroad and then finding the shuttle bus took some sleuthing but all around it was worth the trip. One slight gripe was instead of the $9 admission, they charged us $12 admission.

Thanks to Craigston Yip III, Esq. for the photos! ❤