Pantone Color of the Year 2012

It’s Tangerine Tango!! PANTONE Tangerine Tango 17-1463 to be exact. If you have a project featuring Tangerine Tango send it over to Pantone! They will include it in their 2012 COLOR OF THE YEAR photo album. Guidelines: The photo must be taken by you, and by sending it you authorize non-exclusive use of it on […]

OMG! Heart Boticca!

Here are just a few of the wonderful textile artisans featured on Boticca! From Knit Necklaces to Felted Handbags to Shibori Textiles to Macrame Jewelry. Yes, exquisite macrame jewelry no less. All handmade! Boticca is a high-end marketplace for handmades. Like an Etsy but with a sophisticated eye for fashion and design. The carefully curated […]

Hand-Knit Superhero Costumes

Holy Handmades, Batman! I saw this on Boing Boing and had to repost! Check out the above by sculpture artist, Mark Newport, based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He creates 100% hand-knit superhero costumes! These masterpieces use mostly acrylic yarn, buttons, and hand knitting! Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman and the Rawhide Kid. These characters are childhood […]

Crochetdermy by Shauna Richardson

I saw this on Regretsy and had to re-post. Conceptual artist, Shauna Richardson, makes life-sized sculptures out of Crochet reminiscent of the lost art of taxidermy. Kinda creepy, kinda cool, and it’s all Crochet! For two years Shauna has been creating the largest single-handed crochet sculpture in the world for a project called Lionheart Project. […]

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Not just for Christmas but for fun inspiration for all year round! Rusty Zipper Vintage Clothing has a nice collection of vintage sweaters that are totally handy for inspiration for some knitting techniques I’d like to try. Vintage Ski Sweaters, 80’s Cosby Sweaters, Ugly Christmas Sweaters by Subject like Snowflake, Reindeer, Gingerbread, Snowman, Christmas Tree, […]

Too Legit To Knit – Granted Clothing

I think these knits are to die for! I was yet again trolling the internet for some inspiration for this holiday’s presents and found this lovely gem on Daily Candy. They’re knitty but with some trendy. VIntage-y yet still fresh. My kind of knitting style! Unfortunately, these are not knitting patterns, so they are only […]

Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers

Umi kara no okurimono: Air X (A Gift from the Sea: Air X), 2010 Whoa fiber mania! I saw this on TimeOut NY while looking for some birthday things to do for my special treasure hunter. The Japan Society is running an exhibit on the innovative things the Japanese are doing in the fiber and […]

Loom Knitting: Fluid Dress

Fluid Dress by Casual Profanity ~ Song, Cherry by Ratatat The above dress is indeed KNIT! While it does not use traditional yarn nor does it use traditional knitting, it was newsworthy for knitting inspiration with a tech slant. What’s extra cool is it uses an oldish, sort of outdated, form of knitting called Loom […]