It’s not Winter nor is it Christmas time nor is it at all appropriate for anything at all. But here is a trio of delightfully nerdy sweaters (some include patterns) for those looking to channel their inner Nerd.

Contra Sweater via Nerd Nirvana Clown Sweater via Wil Wheaton Super Mario Sweater by Happy Seamstress
L to R: Contra Sweater, Clown Sweater, Super Mario Sweater

Here is the Back View of the Super Mario Sweater by Happy Seamstress. After popular demand, she is giving away her custom pattern for the sweater! Note: She custom dyed her yarn especially for this sweater! Check out the Super Mario Bushes in the sweater!

Also, thanks to Wil Wheaton for posting that ridiculous sweater on his blog! It’s the internet meme that keeps on giving. Resistance is futile! Folklore has it that it was purchased for $3.75 at a Salvation Army in San Francisco circa 2002. As far as the Contra Sweater goes, I smell a photoshop bomb but inspiration is inspiration. I have not found who “made” it yet but if ever I do it shall be posted! If you know who it belongs to, please let me know!

Contra Sweater –
Clown Sweater –
Super Mario Sweater –