Loopy Mango   Loopy Mango   Loopy Mango
Loopy Mango ~ 78 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013 ~ (212) 343-7425
Between Wooster & Greene

I mean really heart. I found this shop and the exquisite knit pieces above while looking for bikini yarn like Cascade Fixation which just wasn’t doing it for me. Quite the mythical pipe dream considering I not only want to look good in my bikinis but I want to be able to SWIM in them too! But I digress.

This 2000 square foot wonderland of a boutique carries not only everything from home to clothing to accessories but in January 2011 they began carrying a sophisticated collection of yarn and notions. Some of my faves include Bagsmith Big Stitch yarn and tools and Lang Lanalux – a possible excellent contender for my swim dreams!

It’s a curious shop indeed. However you’d like to label it, whatever it is they carry, it’s gorgeous. Heaven. I have not been down there myself yet but will be stopping by hopefully this weekend!

They are Waejong Kim & Anna Pulvermakher who met at FIT, a jewelry designer and artist respectively. Waejong and Anna has also published a crochet jewelry book, 40 Beautiful and Unique Designs. They also have a blog dedicated to textiles and fiber arts. Swoon.

Loopy Mango   Loopy Mango
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Update: That very Friday I ran down to Loopy Mango to check it out. Their little yarn annex in the back is FILLED with an exquisitely eccentric collection of yarns. I bought 6! The Ella Rae Lace Merino and the Lang Sol de Grade. The Lang yarn is exquisite. The prices are wonderful too. I got the Ella Rae’s for $20-$23 and saw them online for as much as $28! Very competitive. And they carry Clover Takumi Velvets! $15 each for Size 13 and 15 in 24″!

And there are lots of beautiful knit pieces hanging around for insipiration. The dress you see hanging on the dress form in the above pic is done in the Lang Yarns Sol Degrade. I’m actually in the process of making it now!