Free Pattern: 11 Baby Blankets

Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs

Are these blankie patterns especially gorgeous or what?! Some are classic modern, some nostalgic, some fancy. All lovely designs whatever your preference. Love DROPS. All are free and in either Knit or Crochet depending on the pattern. All patterns in this post by DROPS Design. Read on for more lovely patterns.

Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs

DROPS Design is by Garn Studio, a Scandinavian yarn company. I found their patterns hard to follow since I wasn’t used to them. However, if you’re an Intermediate/Advanced knitter or crocheter it should be fine. Also, they have lovely yarns. That I’ve never seen in person! No U.S. retailers carry their yarns. However, you can buy them online from There is one lone retailer in California!

Patterns in this Post by DROPS Designs:
Bundle of Joy Blanket, BabyDROPS 21-38
Dream Date Blanket, BabyDROPS 25-1
Baby Cloud Blanket, BabyDROPS 21-37
Blanket 18-30, BabyDROPS 18-30
Blanket 16-9, BabyDROPS 16-9
Blanket 18-16, BabyDROPS 18-16
Baby Bliss Blanket, BabyDROPS 25-2
Blanket 18-20, BabyDROPS 18-20
Blanket 14-22, BabyDROPS 14-22
Blanket 4-21, BabyDROPS 4-21
Granny’s Little Girl Blanket, BabyDROPS 19-22

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