Ski Hat with Pompom Ski Hat with Pompom

I upgraded my Ski Hat with Giant Pompom pattern by adding a basic ribbed brim. Oh, what a difference! The simple 1×1 Rib gives it some extra length and style for a more finished look. I now love the way it has just the right amount of sag to the top!

Ski Hat with Giant PompomOriginal Ski Hat with Giant Pompom

The full pattern is in my previous post here. Follow the entire pattern from beginning to end. After you’ve completed the pattern, continue by following these additional instructions:

Pick up the stitches on the back loops (the ones facing the inside of hat) of your last completed row. Pick up 1 additional stitch. You should have 82 stitches on your needle (half the number of stitches in the original pattern plus 1).

Rounds 1-36: K1, P1 until end of round.

Bind off loosely to allow for stretch in the ribbing. Fold up and wear! 🙂