OMG! Heart on Kindle BlogsI’m on Kindle Blogs! Now you can download my blog right onto your Kindle. It’s a handy way to carry around the free patterns I post on my site anywhere without Internet. Say on vacation relaxing in the sun while knitting your next creation? If you have a Kindle, you’ll most likely already have it on you anywa y de per uomo. So why not use it to tote around some patterns?

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Kindle Reader by Amazon, $69

I love the Kindle too! I love to read but it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I finally caved and decided to try a Kindle. It took me awhile to give Kindle a try, mostly because I not only like books, I like real books.

Real books have a sense of character and history. Cover design, book bindings, paper, fonts and layouts, and smell! Especially used books and books my friends lend me. I wonder, who’s read this book before me? Where’s it been? This one’s surely been hanging out pool-side or been a coffee cup coaster at some point in its life. What has it seen? The weary business traveler awaiting his next connection? The grade school wallflower head buried in a book all by his lonesome during recess? Frazzled career woman relaxing in a hut by the beach? The newly imported runway model who goes to my gym? Grandma sitting by the fire with her fave cup of tea? The 30-something curled up in her favorite chair? Prison cell, highway motel…

But once I got the Kindle I was addicted. I chose the most basic model, it’s the smallest and the lightest of them all. You can have as many books as it can fit, over 1,000, at your fingertips anytime you want. It’s now like a safety blanket for me. I bring my Kindle anywhere and everywhere. You never know when you’ll be stuck on the train, waiting in line, stumble upon a nice little spot you’d like to duck into. It’s so light, compact, and handy that you can have a book with you at all times! It fits so easily right in your purse. And the idea of a book lover never having to be without a book. Ever? Awesome.

-Super slim, low profile, compact. Pretty light, under 6oz. Holds over 1,000 books!!
-Fits easily in your back jeans pocket, purse, clutch etc.
-The battery lasts pretty long. I spent most of a 2-week vacation (half without Internet) doing lots of reading. And when I got back it was still going, although without that much juice left.
-I added the Leather Book Cover so I can hold it just like a book! It barely adds any bulk. $39

All that for $69 really isn’t bad considering that will buy you about 6 books. You can carry over 1,000 books at a time. That sure beats bringing several real books on your next trip since it’s a huge space saver. Imagine having to lug Infinite Jest or Illuminatus around on your next beach holiday? Or just on the train? Or a trunkload of books during your 24-month Peace Corps mission?? Your next deployment to Afghanistan?

BONUS! There are loads of Free Kindle Books, mostly Classics. Get 10 of those or more and your Kindle pays for itself. The free books are always rotating too. Sometimes they’ll offer some books free to download for a limited time only. It’s kind of like a fun book lottery. Daily Deals and 100 Books Under $3.99 are also constantly rotating. Lastly, almost every Kindle Book has a FREE SAMPLE! So you can always download a free sample of any and as many books as you’d like right onto your Kindle.

Kindle books can be expensive. $9.99 is the standard price and it goes up from there. Why? Considering there are no materials or physical products to manufacture, ship, or display? Sometimes the actual book itself is the same price! Publishing rights can’t be the price of book itself. I’ve even seen some that are more expensive than the actual book… e.g. The Kindle Edition of Illuminatus costs MORE than the version in actual book form… BOO! Also, the Leather Book Cover is highway robbery at $39.99.

Amazon would not let me give it away for free. The minimum purchase price to download my blog is $0.99/month but you do get a 14-day trial to start and can cancel anytime. Post your comments and reviews, good or bad, right on Amazon too! My Review: My blog looks slightly crunchy on the Kindle since it’s very image heavy. But not much I can do!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

PS. For other book lovers out there, the Pierpont Morgan Library right here in NYC is my dream library. J.P. Morgan, founder of J.P. Morgan & Co., also loved books and was an avid book collector. His collection is housed in a library he built next to his home on 36th Street. The original library itself and the museum built around it is open to the public and a wonderful visit for any book lover.