Here’s a random list of handmade marketplaces online I’ve been compiling for awhile. Perhaps they will provide artisans some options and/or give shoppers more places to shop!

Reviews and Recommendations
If there’s a great handmade marketplace you like, please let me know. Especially if they are from different countries! These mostly include North America, UK, Australia etc. (Or English speaking countries!) I tried to include the ones I’ve come across most often and/or saw and liked. A few of them look dicey but for the most part if they looked too dicey I kept them off.

Aside from a few, I have never bought or sold anything on these markets. So I cannot vouch for how reliable they are. Check them out and do some research before selling.

Does the site look pretty? Is it easy to use? Sometimes I go by how the site looks! Sounds wacky but it makes a difference, a site that looks nice and professional is more likely to be more legitimate etc. (But hey, marketplaces like eBay started out looking crappy, and still look crappy, that are definitely legitimate, and still very popular.) Is the site popular? How popular the site is means how much site traffic or shoppers you’ll get. Think setting up shop in a busy street or a mall vs. off the beaten path. Same idea.

Check out selling fees, customer service, payment options etc. I do know that the ones that have made it onto the list have been around for at least 3-5 years. Only a few closed shop and/or got bought out. Google for “handmade marketplace reviews” for some feedback. Here’s an example of a great one on Mashable. It has a nice comparison chart of a few on my list. Not web savvy? Google it! Google is simple to use and you can google all your questions in plain english right in the search field. e.g. “How do I sell stuff on Etsy?” “What’s a good handmade shop to use?” There will be a wealth of information.