Treasure Hunter Scarf - Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, United Nations, New York – Sculpture by Rachel Owens

Red Heart Super Saver, Medium Thyme #0406, Worsted Weight, 100% Acrylic, 364 yards, $3.99
Red Heart Soft, Dark Leaf #9523, Worsted Weight, 100% Acrylic, 256 yards, $3.89
Catskill Merino, Indigo/Fustic, Worsted Weight 1-Ply, 100% Wool, 140 yards, $19
Catskill Merino, Indigo/Fustic Dark, Worsted Weight 1-Ply, 100% Wool, 140 yards, $19

Crochet Hook: Size N [9.00mm]

Wide: 6 1/2 inches
Long: 83 inches

Skill Level: Easy Beginner

Chain on 150 with Color A
Row 1: Continue with Color A. [DC until end, chain 3, turn].
Row 2: Change color, Color B. Repeat [Row 1].
Row 3: Change color, Color C. Repeat [Row 1].
Repeat [Rows 1-3] two times.
Finish: Bind off. Add tassels in each row, if desired.
Total Rows: 9

I made this as a quickie birthday present for my special treasure hunter! ❤ I wanted to include something handmade but didn’t have enough time for something more intricate. So I used my Tri-Color Scarf pattern, all that was left was some inspiration. Here is what I came up with:

Favorite Color – Kelly Green.
Style – Relaxed, Whimsical yet Bold, Stylish.
My interpretation – Part Indiana Jones, part sneakerhead, part LARPer
Translation – I think treasure hunter, I think Indie. I think sneakerhead, I think Billionaire Boys Club.
I think LARPer, I think Ken Jeong/Christopher Mintz-Plasse from Role Models!
Result – Stylized camouflage look OR Snakeskin python look!

Men’s styles aren’t really my strong suit, so I tend to lean towards obvious themes for boys… Regardless, hopefully I got – Stylish and vibrant yet neutral and casual enough to go with almost anything. Rich and varied, durable and hard-wearing. Super long for a fashion statement. Also, warm and snuggly!

BONUS! This scarf took about 4-6hrs tops. Very easy, very quick, and very customizable. An especially ambitious holiday crafter can make an army of these in a weekend and knock out some serious handcrafted presents for this holiday season!

Treasure Hunter Scarf
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, United Nations, New York – Sculpture by Rachel Owens

This pattern is crocheted holding 2 strands of yarn together at once. I used 3 different colorways:

Color A: 2 Strands Dark Leaf
Color B: 2 Strands Medium Thyme
Color C: 1 Strand of Indigo Fustic, 1 Strand of Indigo Fustic Dark

This scarf is crocheted length-wise. This means I crocheted along the entire length of the scarf rather than across the width like normal.

The camouflage-style look is easily done by choosing a self-striping yarn! Yup, because I crocheted length-wise, the row with the self-striping yarn (Row 3) naturally knits up that way.

Catskill Merino Yarn in Indigo Fustic and Indigo Fustic Dark Catskill Merino Yarn in Indigo Fustic and Indigo Fustic Dark Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Yarn Substitutions – Any worsted weight yarn. Choose any color scheme, perfect if someone has a “fave color”. To keep the camouflage-style look, make sure one of your yarns is self-striping (Indigo Fustic is a self-striping color). Mix that into your colorways. Use a finer weight yarn for a more delicate look and maybe a more fluid drape. Just go a hook size down respectively.

Don’t like working with double stranded yarns? You can also choose a super bulky weight or bulky weight yarn instead, simply use a single strand when crocheting. Keep the same hook size.

John Brinegar also made a gorgeous scarf called “200”. The pattern is almost identical to this one, mine is just shorter. Also, his has a completely different look simply because of the color scheme he chose.

You can get Catskill Merino at the Union Square Farmers Market. 14th Street and Park Avenue. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, 8-6pm. I didn’t love working with the yarn but thought I’d try it. The dye comes off in your hands (although it’s said that it does not wash out or fade) and it has a weird feel. Like a felted feel. But it can be wonderful depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

Make this for a girl! Lose a few rows for a skinnier scarf and you get a more feminine look and an even quicker knit. This scarf has a total of 9 rows, I would make it about 7 rows total. Maybe add a fourth colorway in the middle! Keep the same color scheme even! Just a slight change in the width makes for a more elegant look.

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Treasure Hunter Scarf Treasure Hunter Scarf