Yarn BombingBombs Away!! It turns out this Saturday, June 11, 2011 will mark the first ever official International Yarn Bombing Day! And Michaels Craft Store is going to kick it off. Right here in Manhattan at their Upper West Side location!

I love shenanigans of any kind. So ones that include YARN are especially fun! I’d been hearing things on Twitter about International Yarn Bombing Day recently. The first I’d heard of it!

Yarn bombing has been gaining popularity and is typically a whimsical type of street art made of yarn. A fun little yarn surprise you might find walking down the street some random day. But a formal day to celebrate it is something new to me! I did some googling and it looks like iybd.blogspot.com may have come up with the idea and its taken on a life of its own!

Yes you can be a part of history, yarn history 🙂 Or just go to celebrate your love of Knitting! If you’re here in NY, head uptown to the UWS Michaels Store. It will feature in-store yarn bomb installations and knit-a-thons. Along with a featured Yarn Bombing artist and one special bonus. The knit-a-thon will be supporting the Starlight Children’s Foudation. Knitters can come in and knit blankets and wagon liners to help support the foundation.

Micheals Craft StoreHosted by: Michaels
Location: 808 Columbus Avenue, NY, NY 10025
Date: Saturday, June 11, 2011, 1pm – 5pm

Coincidentally, Worldwide Knitting in Public Day will also be celebrated on that same day here in Manhattan! What to do?! Knitting overload!

Whichever you’d like to do or both, if you’re not in NY and would like to celebrate too, Michaels locations in Chicago (3131 N. Clark Street), Dallas (5500 Greenville Ave.), Burbank, CA (1551 N. Victory Pl.) and Toronto, Canada (30 Billy Bishop Way.) will be celebrating too. So go check them out! See this article for the full details on how Michaels Marks First International Yarn Bombing Day on June 11.

What is Yarn Bombing?
Yarn Bombing is a form of guerrilla street art that is simply any public display of yarn by “decorating” public property or objects with Knitting or Crochet! Or adorning personal property or objects and displaying them in public! Yarn Graffiti! Giving rogue knitters and crocheters alike a public forum if you will for their creativity! It can even be an indoor installation. A bonus is, it isn’t at all permanent and should not harm or deface the object of your decoration! Check out these sweet little yarn bombs you can do in your own backyard!

Agata Olek Charging Bull
Agata Olek’s Charging Bull

New York’s own Agata Olek, the mad crochet bomber, is known for decorating Wall Street’s Charging Bull sculpture seen above with her signature hot pink camo prints. In Crochet!

Knitta Please also did a lovely indoor installation at Etsy Labs in Brooklyn. Seen below. They run Etsy.com! Check out Knitta Please site for full details, you can see great photos of the yarn “bombing” in process. Or find out more about Magda Sayeg and her penchant for yarn bombing. In Knit!

Knitta Please Yarn Bomb at Etsy Labs
Knitta Please Yarn Bomb at Etsy Labs

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