One of my next projects. I just discovered this nice little cache of just socks! from Wendy Knits. Her page includes her original sock patterns along with some from The Loopy Ewe and great tips on sock knitting too. Free! She’s also got quite a few books out on Sock Knitting!! Check out Amazon for a list of all her books. A co-worker of mine who loves knitting socks (!) turned me on to trying a sock pattern and suggested this site for some patterns. I don’t normally knit with fingering/sock weight yarn so I wanted to try it out. She’s tried a pattern or two from Wendy Knits and they turned out great! You can find some here on her Ravelry, WinterPlease, along with her other projects! Here are the Wendy Knits patterns I’d like to try:

Sock PatternSock Pattern L-R: Catnip Socks
Swan Song Socks

Sock PatternSock Pattern L-R: A Rivulet Socks
Finer Peace Socks

Sock PatternSock Pattern L-R: Mallow Socks
Diagonal Lace Socks