I crocheted up this free pattern from Red Heart, Visor Cap. And didn’t get anything like I expected. It’s more of a Newsboy Cap/Train Conductor/Oliver Twist style joint… (Blue Oyster Cult…) But here it is, along with some of my notes. If it’s your thing, go nuts!

Newsboy Cap - Completed

Visor Cap -Original Photo. What it's supposed to look like! Newsboy Cap - Work In Progress. It's crocheted like a dome! Newsboy Cap - The Flaps for the Visor Part Newsboy Cap - Inside

1 ball Red Heart Heathers in Dark Grey 4480
Crochet Hook Size H8 (5mm)
Stitch Marker
Yarn Needle
Duration: 5 hours

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Pattern: Visor Cap by Red Heart. Free.

It’s crocheted in one continuous piece. Those projects are great!! No stopping to cut and less ends to weave in when you’re done. Very quick from start to finish even as a first time ‘tryout’ of this pattern. 5 hours flat from hook and yarn to ready to wear. With breaks and snacks in between!

A great beginner project for crochet in the round. Easy enough to start off with, interesting enough to not get bored. It knits up as a dome. Imagine crocheting from the top of the dome on down.

260 yards come in 1 ball of Red Heart Heathers. I used only about half for the entire project.

I skipped the “plastic mesh piece” for the visor in the original pattern and the visor still holds its shape fine. It’s firm enough on its own.

It did not knit up at all like the picture in both style and size!

The sample shown in the picture is round and flatter. The one I crocheted, following the instructions exactly and even using the same yarn, turned out boxy and tallish. The proportion was entirely off.

The circumference itself turned out as denoted, about 21.5 inches. Yet the sizing was off too. The height was entirely off. The back of the hat was only a few inches tall! It was really shallow making it look like a tiny kids’ hat. My head measures around 22″ around! Plus maybe I have an egghead but the brim nor the bottom edge of my hat fell as illustrated in the sample photo.

And from a front view you get like a Paul Bunyan-style Lumberjack hat gone wrong because the strap and buttons sit funny.

I added about 5 more rows to the back just to make up for the shallow sizing. This gave it a better fit. But didn’t help the style at all.