PROJECT IN PROGRESS: Pleated Skirt Pattern by DIY Couture.

Pleated Skirt - Waistband and Pleat Detail

Pleated Skirt - Measuring, Marking, and Pinning The Pleats Pleated Skirt - Pinned Pleats Pleated Skirt - Sewing In The Pleats Pleated Skirt - Sewing In The Pleats Pleated Skirt - Zipper Slit Detail Pleated Skirt - Sewing In The Waistband Pleated Skirt - Side Detail

Here’s a prototype of the Pleated Skirt that I’m currently working on. Sometimes called a muslin or toile. It starts as 2 rectangles, lots of marking and pinning for the pleats, sewing of the pleats, joining the two main skirt pieces together on the side, leaving a slit for the zipper, then cutting and sewing the waistband (2 more rectangles). A total of 4 rectangles! Hemming the skirt edge is also required for finishing. So far the measuring, cutting, and marking were the most intensive for this pattern. More about DIY Couture UK

7″ Zipper
Hook and Eye

Skill Level: Intermediate Beginner

Skirt Body – 2 Rectangles – Width 12in +3cm + 60cm; Height 16in + 3cm
WIDTH is your waist size ÷ 2 + 3cm for the seam allowance. Then an additional length for the pleats, 12 pleats x 5cm = 60cm.
HEIGHT is simply the height of your skirt from your natural waist to where you’d like it to fall + 3cm for the seam allowance.

Waistband – 2 Rectangles – Width 16in + 3cm; Height 8in + 2cm
WIDTH is calculated by measuring the waist of the skirt after the pieces are joined + 3cm for seam allowance and zipper.
HEIGHT is simply double the height you’d like your waistband to be + 2cm for seam allowance. I wanted a 4in waistband, so I need an 8in high piece.

Hem the bottom edge of your skirt after sewing in pleats and before joining the skirt pieces.

DIY Couture patterns tend to always start off as rectangles or straight edged pieces. Perfect for using your rotary cutter and self-healing mat!

This was slightly more difficult than the Gathered Dress Pattern. In general I find DIY Couture instructions very comprehensive but there’s always one small detail left out. For example, I had trouble understanding how to measure and mark the pleats properly. And when folding, I did not understand how to gather the folds. So I just winged it. I will post the completed skirt soon!

DIY Couture UK Pleated Skirt Pattern
Pleated Skirt Pattern by DIY Couture
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