This is my favorite scarf to make because as a crochet project it’s extremely versatile. It knits up quick using 2 strands of yarns at once, a variety of different yarns can be used, and it can be customized to include your own personal flair. Another bonus is it doesn’t look like traditional crochet. It crochets like a knit! Makes a great gift for men or women!

This is one of my first pattern creations inspired by my friend, Juni Pinks, who crochets in a funny way. This is a variation of her crocheting style. It makes a knit-style texture but with crochet!

Left: Double Stranded Men’s Scarf ~ Right: Single Stranded Women’s Skinny Scarf

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn 100% Acrylic Weight: 4 – Medium Worsted
Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic Weight: 4 – Medium
Caron One Pound 100% Acrylic Weight: 4 – Medium
Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic Weight: 4 – Medium

Color Combination Example: For a Men’s Tri-Color
Color A: Caron One Pound, Midnight Blue & Caron Simply Soft, Dark Country Blue
Color B: Bernat Berella ”4” Afghan Yarn, Burgundy & Caron Simply Soft, Plum Wine
Color C: Red Heart Super Saver, Buff & Caron Simply Soft, Off White
So you will have three “colorways” using a pair of yarns for each colorway.

Crochet Hook: 12mm

Skill Level: Beginner

Cast On: 150 chain stitches
Row 1: Slip Stitch (into back loop) until end, Chain 1, Turn.
Row 2: Repeat Row 1 until desired width!
Note: When turning, skip the loop on your hook and the one right next to it!
Finish: Weave in ends and finish with tassels if desired. That’s it!

Dimensions: 48in x 8in

Making a swatch prior to beginning your project is usually required. This project is pretty free-form and sizing isn’t a huge issue, so the only reason to crochet a swatch is to check for the desired drape and texture you’re looking for. I highly recommend it for this project just for that! Check for gauge if you’d like an exact length like 48in x 8in. by crocheting yourself a 24st x 12row swatch. Or whatever makes a generous sized swatch, 6″ x 6″.

This scarf is crocheted the long way (length-wise) using 2 strands of yarn at once using a larger hook than suggested for this weight yarn. The scarf on the right is crocheted using a single strand of yarn but on the same size hook.

Drape. Depending on the yarns you choose and your gauge you can decide how your scarf falls. For a more delicate, light scarf choose fingering or dk weight yarns mixed with mohair and a hook that helps you achieve the feel you’d like. For a chunky weight yarn, use a Size Q hook (15.75mm). Or mix different fibers and textures together for a lovely look and feel.

Choose contrasting color pairs like a light and a dark to knit up a quick and easy mock houndstooth pattern. See sample below.

Use any yarn of your choosing. To keep the same gauge choose Size 4’s – Medium Worsted Weight or Medium Weight yarns. I chose economical yarns in particular for this project because they are easy to find, a lot less of an investment, and great to work with as a first project material.

Try to choose pairs of yarns with different sheens, the double stranded yarn serves not only to knit up quick but also to highlight and lowlight your work, giving it a more sophisticated depth. For a more special scarf choose a luxurious natural fiber like cashmere or angora. The possibilities are endless.

Bomberino Scarf Here’s a sample of contrasting colors:

Color A: Caron One Pound, Midnight Blue & Caron Simply Soft, Dark Country Blue
Color B: Caron One Pound, Midnight Blue & Caron Simply Soft, Off White