Super Simple Crochet Bows by Adaiha
Super Simple Crochet Bows by Adaiha in different sizesSuper Simple Crochet Bows by Adaiha

Look at these cute little crochet bows by Adaiha. They remind me of Hello Kitty bows! The pattern is easy and comes with really nice detailed photos too.

She provides step-by-step photos, the pattern, and even a downloadable PDF for your convenience. She’s also been working on a “Granny Square A Day” project since 2011! Her page also includes a list of great resources and books for crocheting granny squares.

Original Pattern by Adaiha – [pdf]

Materials: Worsted Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: US Size H [5.00mm]
Approximate Size: 2.5” X 1.5”

Make a magic ring.

Ch 5, 3 tr in ring, ch 5, sl st in ring, ch 5, 3tr in ring, ch5, sl st in ring.

Cut yarn leaving a tail at least a few inches long. Weave yarn tail through the first ch stitch at the very beginning and fasten off.

Create the center of the bow by wrapping the two ends under and then back over the bow a few times until satisfied. Create a chain of stitches to wrap around the bow if desired. Fasten off and weave in ends. Done!

Note: Leave an extra long yarn tail and do not trim if attaching the bow onto something else.
Variations: Increase or decrease the (tr) stitches to make the bow fatter or skinnier as seen in Photo #2.
e.g. Substitute “3 tr” for “2 tr” or “4 tr”.