Knitted Sweater of the Day: Annie Larson

Annie Larson - ALL Knitwear

And ZOMG! My personal fave – knitted shorts and pants?! WIN!

Check out these 80s-inspired geometrics a la Saved By The Bell. But better! The designs have an 8-bit slant IMHO that can appeal to anyone from the Brooklyn hipster to the 80’s throwback lover to the video game nards. Either way it’s a fresh take on knitwear that has a younger edgier vibe yet still classic enough to have a wide appeal. Move over Dwayne Wayne (sunglasses) and Lisa Bonet circa Cosby Show and A Different World! Go Knitwear Today!

Annie Larson - ALL Knitwear Annie Larson - ALL Knitwear Annie Larson - ALL Knitwear

I first saw these in an L Mag I picked up while trolling Prospect Heights… We just finished watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi (corny music but cool film about sushi as a craft). So, guess what? Sushi time! We went to eat at Taro, then Sky Ice (homemade ice cream slash thai home cooking eatery…), then sampled a few spoonfuls of gelato at Caramello where we learned that gelato is less fattening than traditional ice cream. No egg and less air makes a rich, dense, smooth confection with less calories! The sorbet (Limetta!!) was seriously decadent too with zero dairy yet all the rich and creamy mouth feel! Passed by the Barclays Center all blacked out, the new home of the Brooklyn Nets… Then while walking back to the train, we spied this flyer on ye olde stereotypical stoop and snapped one up to read on the train ride.

Annie Larson - ALL Knitwear Annie Larson - ALL Knitwear

Annie Larson is a knitwear designer based in Bushwick, Brooklyn by way of Minneapolis, MN and originally from Seoul, Korea and Wisconsin. From reading her bio it looks like she’s a machine knitter who “bought a 1980s sweater-creating contraption in January of 2009” (a Brother KH-965i to be exact) and never looked back. A former clothing designer for Target, Annie quit her job to pursue knitwear and what is now ALL Knitwear, her clothing line.

You can shop online for her designs at ALL for Everyone. Or at Madewell here on Broadway. Tops are around $260.

Annie Larson - ALL Knitwear Annie Larson - ALL Knitwear Annie Larson - ALL Knitwear


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