PIP: African Print Shorts

Project in Progress: African Print Shorts!

African Print Shorts

Not too long ago I took a pattern making class at Sew Fast Sew Easy. Marco, our instructor, was just out of this world fabulous! The class was called Copy Your Own Clothes and was extremely technical and quite advanced. However, he made all of it so digestible and gave all of us the confidence and the tools to learn to make our own patterns. I took away some wonderful insights, felt like I learned loads, and best of all came away with my own personally drafted pattern. Anyway, here are my shorts, made from the pattern I drafted! It was based on a pair of shorts that I loved.

African Print ShortsThese shorts were made with Kente Cloth. See here for my post on African Print Fabrics.

When done they will feature Pleats, Pockets with pocket flap and button detailing, Cuffs, and Cuff Detailing with buttons.

African Print ShortsPocket pieces getting ready to be sewn. These are also my first time ever working with pants or shorts!

African Print ShortsSewing the pocket backings. All my sewing projects are done on my vintage Singer sewing machine circa 1920s.

African Print ShortsPockets sewn and attached to front panel. Pinning the pleats in place.

African Print ShortsSewing the pleats!

African Print ShortsMy semi-completed shorts! They still need the waistband, zipper, waistband button, pocket flap details, and cuff detailing! Whew! Lots left.

More about the pattern (which I will try to give away free!) and my completed shorts to come! Stay tuned!

African Print Shorts

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3 comments on “PIP: African Print Shorts

  1. OMG, you have a vintage Singer?! My aunt inherited one and it came to live with us for a number of years after she moved to Florida. I miss it sew (haha).
    Can’t wait to see your finished shorts. Keep up the crafting!

    1. Hey Shana!

      Thanks for the note 🙂 Have you been keeping up with your sewing? I have been trying to keep up my sewing, I do HEART IT!! But too many fiber art hobbies and not enough time. Avalanche! The vintage Singer is sew stylish (wink) and it’s a robust little machine but it does have its drawbacks. Once I get more advanced into sewing I will graduate to a more modern machine. And perhaps save my Singer for smaller more straightforward projects!

      Knit, Sew, Crochet Forever!

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