We Got One!!! For Crochet

As Janine from Ghostbusters would say! Check out these Crochet Critters below!

As part of my National Crochet Month post, I was looking for an unsuspecting victim to try Crochet (my fave of the knitting arts) for the first time. And I managed to get one of my BFFs to come over and try it for the first time. Heart him forever! I couldn’t believe it considering I didn’t think he’d be the type at all. Plus it would take a lot of work. Instead he said “I’ll do it!” (lol) and even knew exactly what he wanted to make. Here’s what he did!

Crochet Critters by The Mad Scientist and OMG! Heart
Crochet Critters by The Mad Scientist and OMG! Heart

He wanted to make the Crochet Critters featured in my previous post for some kid presents! How cute is that!? Scream! A very ambitious project for someone who’s never tried Crochet before. I didn’t get the chance to form a semi-decent plan before it all went down but we just winged it and it turned out great! All started and completed in two nights.

The first night was an intro into the bare essentials – Base Chaining and Single Crochet. It was also to feel out if he’d actually like it and hopefully to try and make it fun. There was a lot to get acquainted with but he picked it right up. Too cute! And decided to do his first project right away. So the second night we had to get serious to even get close to having him finish one up. We moved right on to Circular Crochet, Magic Rings, Patterns, Stitchmarking, Slipstitching, Whipstitching, Clean Fasten-off and more. Beast! The Crochet Critter in Red is the one he completed. I did the head (tan part) and helped with the face but that’s it. Dominate!

Crochet Critters in Winter Colors or The Last Remnants of Winter Crochet Critters in Winter Colors or The Last Remnants of Winter Crochet Critters in Winter Colors or The Last Remnants of Winter

I think I quite lucked out with my little protege who turned out to be a quick study and possess great motor skills. But I think these Amigurumis could be a wonderful first project for any beginner. With some personal guidance and focus it’s a great first project that sure beats making a potholder! If you’d like to check out Crochet or try teaching someone Crochet for the first time, see my previous post or my library of Free Crochet Patterns for some beginner ideas! My own critters and the pattern will be posted shortly. Along with a few new ones!

UPDATE: Here are my completed project and patterns.

Big Sis with Orange Crochet Baby Big Sis (R) and Little Sis (L) with Crochet Babies. Mommie and Little Brother in the background!
Big Sis (R) and Little Sis (L) with Crochet Babies!

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    1. Dapolly!!! OMG! I miss Tracy. loool. Fun Fact: I lost all the photos from the Christmas Party where Tracy and the rest of my very first Crochet Critters made their debut. I wished I could get the bunch all back in one room again! They’re all over the world now. Literally. Denmark (with a stop in Singapore and Turkey), England, New York, and who knows where else right now! The Original Eight. O the things they must have seen! I’m thinking of asking all their parents for pics! Party time soon!

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