OMG! Heart – Drops Design

Here’s DROPS Design based in Oslo, Norway. I discovered these guys awhile ago on Ravelry. I loved their patterns!! Too many to list. Below is a random sampling. Norwegians know their knits! I heart their style. Modern, sophisticated, casual. Just beautiful stuff. And guess what? They offer over 36,000 FREE patterns. In 14 different languages no less. And they’re good! They’re site also has a great way of filtering for just the patterns you’re looking for. Hooray! The have a cute tutorial page too full of video how-tos.

Drops Design by Garn Studio

One *slight* drawback is that sometimes their patterns are hard to decipher. I suspect it’s because they are translated from Norwegian into English. From reading through a few patterns, the knitting techniques are occasionally unusual and not something I’m accustomed to. But they do come with video tutorials! Projects featuring some DROPS Designs coming soon! They’re big faves among the Ravelry crowd so they should be decent.

They also carry their own line of yarns, DROPS Yarn. All their patterns are designed to feature their yarns (or vice versa). I’ve never tried their yarns but I do love their patterns. Their yarn fibers feature blends like Mohair Superkid and Silk, Baby Alpaca and Mulberry Silk, Merino Superwashes, and Egyptian Cotton. From what I can tell from the pics, they knit up gorgeous. I’ll have to somehow get my hands on some so that I can try them at some point. For now they are only offered online and in Wisconsin and California… Why?! See their site for more details.