My Singer Adjustable Dress Form

Here’s my new dress form! It is Singer DF150 Adjustable Dress Form, Sizes 10-16 or S/M. It’s an econo version of the classic dress form that happens to be adjustable! It comes in S/M and M/L. This Model 150G fits sizes 10-16 and has 12 adjustment dials. I got this from during a sale and received free shipping too! It came so quick, I placed the order on Dec 6th and got it Dec 11th!

Singer 150 Adjustable Dress Form Singer 150 Adjustable Dress Form Singer 150 Adjustable Dress Form Singer 150 Adjustable Dress Form Singer 150 Adjustable Dress Form

What I like so far: Its cheapiness is in fact perfect for beginner sewers because it still gives professional results and is a handy tool for a home sewer to have (I tried to mark and gather in a simple dress on myself which was impossible!). It’s light, easy to take apart for stowing away, and the dials and adjustments are true to measurements (I measured after adjusting). It comes with a hem guide and the pole is marked for height so it can adjust to your exact height. It’s extremely easy to figure out and adjust. The instructions are simple:

Example: My bust is 36″. So to adjust bust size – turn all the dials to the 36″ setting around the bust area. 1 in front, 2 on the sides, 1 in back. Making the bust measure a total of 36″. Measure your waist and hip, then do the same for those dials!

Neck Sizes: 13″ – 18″
Bust Sizes: 33”-39” (84cm-100cm)
Waist Sizes: 25”-31 1/2” (64cm-80cm)
Hip Sizes: 34”-40” (86cm-102cm)
Torso Heights: 16” to 19”
Overall Height: The entire dress form is adjustable to your overall height too
Cost: $99

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