OMG! Heart learning Free Motion Quilting & Embroidery from Nina PaleyWelcome to my site! I rely heavily on free patterns I find throughout the web… And on my own patterns that I draft myself. My site includes all of them, for free! But this also means that my patterns are not professionally tested by test knitters or crocheters.

Accuracy, Clarity, & Readability
Giving away patterns for free is a tough thing to do. When I knit or crochet a project I design, simply writing down what I do isn’t enough. It could have typos or vague instructions, non-standard techniques or terms etc.

All patterns require test knitters and test crocheters to verify that the instructions are clear and the patterns are accurate. They also require expert crafters who are also experienced in pattern drafting.

So even though my patterns are free, they require the same rigorous checks as paid patterns. Even paid patterns are not always clear of errors! It’s a lot of work which is why most good patterns are not free!

Free OMG! Heart Patterns
But fear not, even though I’m not a professional designer with formal testers, I try my best to minimize errors. Free OMG! Heart Patterns usually range from Easy to Advanced Beginner with the occasional Easy Intermediate. It’s partially why I can give them away for free. The patterns are almost patternless and free from complex calculations and fit/sizing requirements. They’re still great as learning patterns but it means they don’t require as rigorous validation. Nevertheless, I still do test my own patterns and do my best to ensure accuracy and readability in all the patterns I give away!

Free Patterns I Find Online
Free patterns I find online that are shared here on my website are also tested by me. When I follow the pattern to make a project, I act as a test knitter or crocheter! So if you see a free pattern that I have made and featured on this website, it’s been tested by me. If there are any errors or inconsistencies I include them in the Notes Section of my post!

Crowd Testing or Cloud Testing!
Community Pattern Testing! The crafting community can serve as the best test knitters or test crocheters out there. You can be a test knitter or a test crocheter too! Simply by doing a project you like and sharing your thoughts and opinions. If there is an error, inconsistency, or a pattern detail that is unclear, then please share your feedback! Just enter them in the Comments Section found on any pattern page or Email Me! You can keep free (beautiful) patterns, free, just by giving your feedback, suggestions, critiques, or raves!

Ravelry does a great job of this. All the patterns they have on their site show ratings and accuracy feedback from members who have made the pattern. This in turn gives great info on how reliable, easy/hard the pattern is, and even corrections right in the feedback! In fact, everything they do is great, it’s a knitter and crocheter’s best friend! Not all my patterns are on my Ravelry yet, but I am working on posting them up there.