This was one of the first patterns I tried when I got back into knitting several years ago. It came free with the Noro Transitions Yarn I bought from Yarn Connection. I’ve since lost the pattern but it’s very easy. It makes a long skinny scarf and leaves a pointy end – like when you cut a ribbon diagonally!

Noro Transitions Scarf in Earthtones

2 Skeins Noro Yarn – Transitions
Or any Bulky Weight yarn
Needle – US Size 10.5

Skill Level: Beginner

Cast on 18 sts.
R1: Knit all stitches.
R2: Inc in first st. Knit to last 3 sts. Dec 1. K1.
Repeat R1-R2 until desired length. Bind off.

Total Time: About 3 hours

Try this with any bulky weight yarn of your choice. Or a super bulky weight for sportier scarf and an even quicker knit!

Noro is a beautiful handmade artisan yarn from Japan. On the pricey side at about $25-$32 per skein. The Noro Transitions yarn is made by combining not only different colors but different yarn fibers into a single strand. It knits up beautifully. Sometimes I get a patch of heathers, sometimes I get a patch of angora etc. It’s really beautiful. And a great way to make an easy quick knit scarf like this extra special. This yarn was discontinued in 2006 (sad face) but Noro still lives on and continues to make beautiful yarns.

Lulu Louise Crafts + Design has made the same exact design using Noro Yarn as well! It’s from a different line of Noro Yarns called “Iro”. Here’s some great close-up pictures she posted on her site. She has a lovely craft blog too including some great free patterns.

Lulu Louise Craft + Design Noro Scarf in Iro Lulu Louise Craft + Design Noro Scarf in Iro