Design and print your very own custom fabrics at this cute little site called Spoonflower. Become your own textile artisan for all your projects from bags to curtains to costumes and much more! You can buy someone else’s homemade designs too! Below are some examples of designs created by Spoonflower members.

A few fabric designs created by Spoonflower members.

Fabrics are about $18-$32 per yard and $5/swatch with no minimum orders! They use eco-friendly textile printing on premium natural fabrics. They offer international shipping too. For those who love contests, they have a weekly fabric design contest + other sewing contests.

Major Bonus: Whether or not you’d like to use your own original design or just shop someone else’s, you can choose the fabric weight the design is printed on! This gives you the option to choose a design you like for any project – upholstery or apparel or accessories or underwear whatever! Simply choose the appropriate weight! They only do cotton but do offer them in a nice variety of weights. Another bonus – they will send a sample fabric pack of their various weights for $1. That includes shipping & handling! Especially helpful if you’re not sure what weights are appropriate for what project or if you’d just like to get an idea of the fabric, drape, quality etc. Well done, Spoonflower! And of course… OMG! Heart it!! is also like Spoonflower. in the UK also prints fabric on demand!