Crochet Hook Sets - Etimo Set, Boye Set (in Totorganizer Pouch), Clover Takumi Set
Crochet Hook Sets – Etimo Set, Boye Set (in Totorganizer Pouch), Clover Takumi Set

Crochet is one of the zippiest and convenient handicrafts around and is suitable for almost any budget, skill level, and age! Great for traveling like on a train or on a plane! Or a nice little weekend project. For little to no investment and some spare time here and there, anyone can try a crochet project for the first time and complete it!

My Crochet Hooks - Etimo Set, Clover Takumi Set, Boye Aluminum Set
Etimo Set, Clover Takumi Set, Boye Aluminum Set

Of course, with anything your tools are important and choosing just the right ones to suit your needs is an essential task. Anyone who knows me, knows that I tend to choose the best tools I can find in relation to their value and versatility. There are a myriad of higher end handcrafted artisan tools available. (I have seen $40 needles. Even knitting maniacs are hard pressed to own those!) If it’s you’re thing, go for it! I just chose the best quality and value within reason. They’re what I use! So here are my tools and recommendations. Also, here’s a list of where to find all these tools when ready to buy, Where To Buy: Knit and Crochet Tools.

My Crochet Hooks - L to R: Clover Takumi Set, Boye Aluminum Set, Crystal Palace Hooks (bamboo), Boye Size P (grey), Boye Size Q (blue)
L to R: Clover Takumi Set, Boye Aluminum Set, Crystal Palace (bamboo),
Boye Size P (grey), Boye Size Q (blue)

Boye Aluminum Hook Set Sizes D-K by Wrights
On the heavier side but these hooks are great for beginners. The shape of the hook is very easy to learn on. They are very affordable and a popular brand found in many craft stores. The perfect starter set. Great for natural and synthetic fiber yarns. The ever popular Susan Bates Brand hooks have a slightly different shape than the Boye hooks. Many prefer the Bates version. Boye also makes a plastic hook called Balene and a wooden one in Rosewood.

Boye Giant Crochet Hook – Size Q (15.75mm)
This is a big blue plastic crochet hook on the right, #12! For extra chunky yarns or working with multiple strands of yarns at once. Excellent for quick yet stunning knits. Perfect for that First Crochet Project when getting comfortable with crochet. The only drawback with this is working with plastic hooks/synthetic yarns is kind of icky. I don’t know of any Size Q hooks that are not plastic. Given the size of the hook, it’s the only material that won’t be too heavy to work with.

Strand Over Fist has a lovely comparison of different style hooks, brands, and materials here and further resources on hook designs. Her own crochet patterns are for sale too.

Takumi Bamboo Hook Set by Clover
Extremely lightweight and smooth. Great for synthetics or natural fibers. The shape of these hooks are slightly different and more suitable for a crocheter with some experience. These are great for the plane too! For extremely large long-term projects aluminum hooks can get heavy, so I like having these around. The only drawback with these is, if they are not extremely well-made there may be tiny flaws in the hook that will snag on yarns. The most microscopic flaw in these hooks will become frustrating after long use. I also have alot of Crystal Palace.

Clover Jumbo Tapestry Needles
Essential for joining your knit and crochet pieces. For notions, when in doubt I choose Clover. So I chose these!

Clover Locking Stitch Markers – Small and Jumbo
I prefer these over traditional stitch markers because they are easily removable. Traditional stitch markers are simple plastic rings and they are not removable unless you reach that stitch and only useful for knitting! So these are handy for marking your work during and after stitching for knitting or crochet. They can also double as stitch holders in Crochet.

Stitch Counter
I find these very handy not just for counting stitches but for counting rows. Any pattern slightly more complicated than beginner level will require something handy like this. Many patterns will require repeating a set of rows. When this is the case having the stitch counter track your rows is important. Otherwise, going back to your notes will require you remember what your notes mean! Like am I on this row or did I finish it?! With a stitch counter there’s less confusion.

Clover Yarn Cutter
I love this little medallion. I put it around a little leather lace and wear it around my neck. It’s not an essential but I got it because it was so cute! It’s also a safer alternative to scissors if that’s a factor. And great for traveling projects because it can be taken on the plane!

Crochet Hook Pouches
Etimo Pouch – Free with set
Ammees Babies – Totorganizer, Made in Guatemala, 4.5″ x 7″, $7.19. I bought this on on sale!
Clover Takumi Pouch – Free with set

Hook Sets vs. Individual Hooks
I choose hook sets for a few reasons: they’re a better value, yarns come in many weights and each weight requires a different sized hook so it’s very likely you will grow out of your one hook quickly, you might also choose to use a smaller or larger hook than suggested depending on the gauge you’re trying to achieve, and lastly a hook one sized smaller than the main hook is handy for weaving in ends and fixing mistakes. These factors combined make a set of hooks in the most popular sizes an essential. However, individual hooks are great if you’d like to try a different style of hook or material.

Clover Takumi Set My Crochet Hooks - Mix of Boye Aluminum, Clover Takumi, and Crystal Palace Clover Takumi Set
Clover Takumi Set ~ Tulip Etimo Set ~ Boye Aluminum Set