Your First Sewing Machine – For Under $200!

Usha Butterfly by Usha, India What do you look for in a Sewing Machine? Especially your very first adult sewing machine? Style? Cost? Features? I struggled with my first machine because I didn’t want to invest too much as a beginner. I just needed something to tinker with… Taking sewing classes to start is smart […]

My Singer Fashion Mate 7256

I have two sewing machines now! Here’s my new Singer Fashion Mate 7256 !! It’s my first modern sewing machine and will be my main machine for as many years of sewing as I can squeeze out of it. As the name suggest this machine is great for Dressmaking or Fashion Sewing. Which is just […]

Singer 160 Anniversary Limited Edition

Wow! Old meets new in the new Singer 160 Anniversary Limited Edition celebrating 160 years of Singer sewing machines. Sew stylish and worth a mention. This came out early this year for the first time on HSN I believe. I just found out about it yesterday while doing research for a new sewing machine I […]

Singer Promise 1409

I WANT THIS!!! I saw this sewing machine at Target and instantly wanted it. It was exactly what I’ve been looking for for awhile and for the right price, under $100! I love that it’s simple with all the essentials, sturdy, and compact. All in all a great beginner machine that you can also grow […]

My Singer Adjustable Dress Form

Here’s my new dress form! It is Singer DF150 Adjustable Dress Form, Sizes 10-16 or S/M. It’s an econo version of the classic dress form that happens to be adjustable! It comes in S/M and M/L. This Model 150G fits sizes 10-16 and has 12 adjustment dials. I got this from during a sale […] publishes a dictionary + sketchbook for clothing designers! While I’m more interested in exploring sewing with some personal projects for now, I found all the fabulously handy information especially helpful for a home sewer like myself. Like the fabric dictionary and fiber chart, seam and stitch guide, body measurement guide etc. The book also […]

Sewing Tools and Notions

Every sewer needs a few more tools besides their sewing machine! Oddly enough, the hardest part about sewing is the preparation. The most basic sewing tools are for measuring and cutting which need to be done with precision. Getting the steps right leading up to the actual sewing part are essential for having your project […]

Purl Soho Sewing Class

I’d been looking for a beginning sewing class for awhile and really had a hard time finding a suitable one. Many were too expensive, too basic, or didn’t fit my schedule. There seems to be a shortage of suitable places to take an affordable yet comprehensive beginning class. So after talking to a few people, […]

My Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Singer Treadle, “AB Series”, Model No. 66. Made in Elizabeth, NJ, USA. circa 1927. This is what started it all! Late last summer I wandered into a junk sale at the Moravian Church down the street and spotted this lovely sewing machine for $25. I had been considering sewing for awhile but didn’t know where […]