OMG! Cute Overload Crochet

Teri Crews DesignsCheck out these totes adorbs crochet amigurumis!! Love how these cute yet classic amigurumis have so much personality. And not unlike the internet meme site Cute Overload in the cuteness department. *scream* Below are some of my faves. Check out Teri Crews Designs for many more lovable designs to discover like Koala, Giraffe, Sloth, Owl, Fox, Panda, Elephant, and Raccoon not seen here.

These heirloom collectibles also have a uniquely American style that I love to see in amigurumis. The classic teddy is just so perfect! And, yes, the Dachshund pattern does include the Hat and Bow-Tie! Also, the patterns knit up to full teddy bear size (not miniature amigurumis) and range from 7-13″ tall.

All patterns by Teri Crews, $4.95

Where To Buy
Teri Crews Designs

Ps. She gets her safety eyes from the same etsy shop I do!
Pps. Teri Crews also shares the same exact name (although slightly different spelling) as one of my fave actors, Terry Crews, of The Expendables and Everybody Hates Chris fame. Funny!

Teri is giving away some free patterns, Cute Little Ghost and Sweet Little Pup! Here’s a great way to try out a couple!

Cute LIttle Ghost by Teri Crews Sweet Little Pup by Teri Crews

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