Pattern: Ruffle Skirt #7462 by Burda

Burda Skirt - Front Burda Skirt - Side Burda Skirt - Back

Finally! My class project is done. I made the Rock Skirt #7462 Pattern by Burda. It’s a two-tiered ruffle skirt. I love the skirt but it was much more difficult than I thought it would be. The gathers were hard to make because the gathers go through 2 layers of fabric and I chose a thick fabric. Le sigh. I also did not love the fit. Somehow it turned out slightly too big!

I liked the length but it was too wide. I’ll have to try it again with a slightly less thick fabric and work on fit. But here it is! The pattern itself was also a little bit difficult to follow because it was European and layout out slightly different from standard American patterns but not too bad if you persevere. See here for full details on my Beginner Sewing Class at The Sewing Studio.

Burda Skirt - Measuring and Cutting Cutting pattern pieces. Most were rectangles, so I used a quilting ruler and rotary cutter to cut these pieces.

Burda Skirt - Tracing Pattern Pieces The Waistband pieces were curved, so I traced and cut them the normal way as seen here.

Burda Skirt - Pieces All the pieces laid out. 8 pieces in all – 2 pieces for the Outside Waist, 2 pieces for the Inside Waist, 2 pieces for the Top Flounce, 2 Pieces for the Bottom Flounce. Plus 2 pieces for the Interfacing. It’s shown already attached to the Outside Waist (pieces marked “1”).

Burda Skirt - Pinning the Waist Pinning and preparing to join Waist.

Burda Skirt - Joining and Pressing the Waist Joining Waist. The 2 Outside Waist pieces have fusible interfacing ironed on the Wrong Sides. Then one side is stitched to join the pieces making one long Waist piece.

Burda Skirt - Ironing the Bottom Flounce Ironing joined Bottom Flounce. It was a giant tube. I did the same for the Top Flounce.

Burda Skirt - Aligning Top and Bottom Flounces Together Top and Bottom Flounces placed together, layered on top of each other. And gathered the waist. Bottom edges are serged. I serged to finish the bottom edges instead of used trim as the instructions directed.

Burda Skirt - Gather Try #1 Machine Baste First attempt at gathering the skirt by machine Basting. I could not gather it properly.

Burda Skirt - Gather Try #2 Hand Gather So I tried hand gathering the skirt instead. This was slightly easier to gather. But it was too loose so it was very difficult to sew the waist band on and keep the gathers.

Burda Skirt - Waistband attached and preparing to install Zipper The Waistband attached and to the gathers! And pinning in the zipper.

Burda Skirt - Sewing on the Zipper Sewing on the zipper! Once the zipper was properly pinned down, I switched to the Zipper Foot and sewed a line down each side. The Zipper Foot can be moved from right to left. So the piece doesn’t have to be turned.

Burda Skirt - Attaching Final WaistThe final part of the Waistband, the Inside Waist, attached. I joined the Inside Waist to the Outside Waist. It will be folded down on the inside.

Burda Skirt - Folding and Pinning Down Waist to prepare for Stitching in the Ditch Ironing, folding down, and pinning the Inside Waist. Preparing to Stitch in the Ditch. The Inside Waist had to be fold up and slightly overlap where you will be stitching.

Burda Skirt - Stitching in the Ditch Sewing down the Waistband using Stitch in the Ditch. Slow and steady wins the race for Stitching in the Ditch.

Burda Skirt - Detail Completed Skirt! Finished skirt detail! Our sewing teacher, Jonathan Fast took this pic. Good job! He’s working on a super secret upcoming collection that includes some knit accessories. Can’t wait to see it!

Burda Skirt - Pattern #7462 Rock SkirtBurda Young Pattern #7462 Rock Skirt. There are 3 different skirt patterns in this one. I did “Version A”. The two-tiered ruffle skirt.

Note: You can buy this pattern right here in NYC at Paron Fabrics in the Garment District! They carry the entire Burda and KwikSew collections in the back! Yup. It’s a gold mine of Burda and KwikSew!

Skill Level: Intermediate

6 comments on “Pattern: Ruffle Skirt #7462 by Burda

  1. im making the same one for my class but ive seemed to misplace my instructions could u help urs is cute and im also not doing the trim mines zebra print

    1. Hi Lilia! Zebra print sounds awesome! And thanks! Next time I do the skirt I will choose a lighter weight cotton material. I chose a gabardine/suiting type fabric for this one.

      I found the skirt rather difficult to make. There were a lot confusing instructions that didn’t make sense until after I did them. The pattern format and instructions are more standardized for European sewers. American sewing patterns, like symbols and terminology, are in general slightly different. But it was still not too bad.

      If you would like, email me some pics of our skirt and details on where you’re stuck. I will try to help!

  2. Hi, my name is Caty, and I’m glad to see how you really succeeded in creating a wonderful skirt! I have tried with the same burda model, but this is my first time, and I can’t understand why it require for the model C, but I think also for B and A models too, only 1X frontal and back main part of the skirt (number 7 -8) , using just 1×7 and 1×8 the skirt in not big enough! Do you think could it be an error in the model? How many pieces did you used for your skirt?

    Thank you very much Caty

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