Going Solo: Sewing Style

HOLY CRAP! I just found the sewing book of my dreams. I went to the bookstore on a lark (as per usual) to check out the sewing books. I wasn’t expecting to find anything to write home about. Instead I found something to write to the world about! Ha. Ok. I kid. But seriously. The […]

Sew Liberated!

Ha. Look what I got for my birthday! My good friend (rox!) gave me this lovely sewing book because I dove headlong into sewing a few months ago. Plus, it had a pattern for a camera bag that was especially thoughtful because I just got a new camera. Perfect! Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee features […]


Fashionary.org publishes a dictionary + sketchbook for clothing designers! While I’m more interested in exploring sewing with some personal projects for now, I found all the fabulously handy information especially helpful for a home sewer like myself. Like the fabric dictionary and fiber chart, seam and stitch guide, body measurement guide etc. The book also […]