Where To Buy: Knit and Crochet Tools

A list of where to buy Knit and Crochet tools in NYC! From economical/beginner to those more advanced looking for very particular tools. See my list of yarn shops for where to buy tools in Brooklyn. See also my list of Beginner Crochet Tools and Beginner Knitting Tools. In general, if you’re particular about your […]

OMG! Craft Supplies in NY

I had a terrible time looking for cheapie general craft supplies for my holiday projects. Poly-fill, googly eyes, black safety eyes, felt etc. Maybe I want a random bag of popsicle sticks or pipe cleaners!? So sue me! You’d be hard pressed to find a good (if any) cheapie all-purpose crafts supply store here in […]

OMG! Yarn Shops

Beginning knitting or crochet needs very few tools and almost no space which is a premium in New York City. All you need is a pair of needles or a hook and some yarn! But even that was hard to find when I started up knitting again several years ago. Googling “yarn store, nyc” turned […]