OMG! Heart Kollabora

Hello! You new crafty website you… Hmm, what to say about this new online community slash craft site that’s kind of like a when Craftsy met PS I Made This and I Spy DIY love triangle? 1.) Somebody over there is my long lost craft twin. 2.) Fiberistas unite! 3.) Seriously though, did you […]

21 Free Quilt Patterns Spring 2012

Every single quilt pattern below is FREE from Art Gallery Fabrics. And is just a few of many other free quilt patterns they have. The skill level varies greatly but the patterns aren’t really marked. So if you’re a beginner quilter, try gauging how difficult a pattern is by looking at the intricacy of the […]

Pattern: Saddle Bag

This pattern is available for FREE from Art Gallery Fabrics. I found it while browsing all their lovely fabrics. It’s a really cute bag and the pattern is pretty simple! Available for download in PDF format, the pattern includes easy to follow illustrated instructions and real size templates that you can use to cut your […]

OMG! Heart Folkwear Patterns

Folkwear Patterns is dedicated to creating sewing patterns for ethnic and cultural clothing from all over the world and throughout history. From cheongsams to han boks to dirndls to flapper dresses to vintage bathing suits! They offer a huge variety. It’s a gold mine of basic patterns for say halloween costumes! Theater Productions, Renaissance Fairs, […]

Pattern: Circle Top by Papercut Patterns

OMG! HEART how this top came out. Here’s my Circle Top by Papercut Patterns! I chose a wool jersey knit (Gorgeous!) fabric with pleats that I found at Mood Fabric. $14 per yard! It gave it an Elizabethan-ish style. Yet modern. The pattern and the fabric together gave the piece this accordion looking edge. Such […]

Pattern: Ruffle Skirt #7462 by Burda

Finally! My class project is done. I made the Rock Skirt #7462 Pattern by Burda. It’s a two-tiered ruffle skirt. I love the skirt but it was much more difficult than I thought it would be. The gathers were hard to make because the gathers go through 2 layers of fabric and I chose a […]

Papercut Patterns: Circle Top

I just received my Circle Top Pattern from Papercut Patterns today! Designer Katie Brown of Papercut Pattern is based in New Zealand and stresses not only creativity + imagination but handmade + eco-friendly too. Most all the things that got me into sewing in the first place. Heart it! My pattern came in a box! […]

PIP: DIY Couture Pleated Skirt

PROJECT IN PROGRESS: Pleated Skirt Pattern by DIY Couture. Here’s a prototype of the Pleated Skirt that I’m currently working on. Sometimes called a muslin or toile. It starts as 2 rectangles, lots of marking and pinning for the pleats, sewing of the pleats, joining the two main skirt pieces together on the side, leaving […]

DIY Couture: Gathered Dress

Here’s DIY Couture’s Gathered Dress. The above is the Flared Dress version with straight bodice as seen on Pages 16-17 and Page 47 of the book. More about DIY Couture UK. Width: Chest 22 inches, Hem 27 inches Height: Chest 8 inches, Body 21 inches (Total: 29 inches) Fabrics: Gabardine-type (body), Cotton Polyester blend (lining) […]

Patterns To Die For: DIY Couture, UK

“The DIYcouture collection consists of twelve simple, classic pieces that can be almost endlessly re-invented.” DIY Couture, London publishes sewing patterns to die for!! DIY Couture patterns feature simple visual instructions (no sewing patterns!) doing away with having to learn to read and cut patterns the old fashioned way. Making it accessible for even the […]