YarnPop & GoKnit Bags!!

Left: YarnPop Pouch ~ Right: GoKnit Bag OMG! Heart these. Just discovered these handy little accessories for knitting and crochet! I always drag some crochet or knitting with me wherever since I commute on the train to work and I always just throw my knitting into the smallest plastic bag I can find. I also […]

Loom Knitting: Fluid Dress

Fluid Dress by Casual Profanity ~ Song, Cherry by Ratatat The above dress is indeed KNIT! While it does not use traditional yarn nor does it use traditional knitting, it was newsworthy for knitting inspiration with a tech slant. What’s extra cool is it uses an oldish, sort of outdated, form of knitting called Loom […]

Knitting Tools and Notions

As a general rule, I like the best quality tools I can find. And there are plenty out there for decent prices that are excellent without having to break the bank. Here are my recommendations for beginner knitting tools for those looking for excellent quality tools that are great values in both price and versatility. […]