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aurantiacus are unmistakable, smothering the neatly trimmed bushes at the roadside. He will grow these into a big ball and retrieve a very high price for the ultimate specimen. Small stub grafts are stuck in the early spring, wrapped thoroughly and the take is “OK”. O. fragrans var. He is a Professor, Doctorate tutor of Botany and Landscape Plants of Nanjing Forestry University, Director of Research Centre of Osmanthus, N.F.U., and the Vice President, Sweet Osmanthus Branch of Chinese Flower Association. I looked up Sweet Olive and Birmingham, Alabama just squeaks by with USDA Zone 7B http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/1450/#b . The choice depends on how patient you are prepared to be! My recent aquire of three osmanthus fragrans var. In the mix of things, there are reports of many “colorful” leaf forms with some sporting red to burgundy to pink new growth. Osmanthus Menu Traditional Chinese medicine, recommends osmanthus tea for pregnant women. Osmanthus fragrans Lour., ; Fl. Chinese Name: 驴打滚 lǘ dǎ gǔn Flavor: sweet and tender Cook Method: steam This is one of best local food in Beijing and a classic dessert. We can’t grow evergreens like that in Chicago. All osmanthus species are related to the olive, so the common name is appropriate. I think Chicago would be too chilly for sweet olives, but in Alabama it would be worth try. Oregon State Univ. I so enjoy it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. ( Log Out /  Family: Oleaceae. I ran across a form with contorted branches in Suzhou China. This famous traditional tree is dotted by a large number of yellow clusters and grows naturally in southern China. It would be frustrating without you! In paper art style with its Chinese name on big round lantern, rabbits and osmanthus design elements Mid-autumn festival poster. aurantiacus led me to this writing. If so, please let me know and consider subscribing so that you don't miss out on my future trials and tribulations. September 18, 2017. I can offer you 2 suggestions at wild extremes. Xiang’s work is legend. 1: 29 (1790). Trees or shrubs 3-5(-10) m, glabrous. In fact, during October when the species is at its best, over ten Chinese cities honor the plant with a wide variety of special holidays. Protective fences mark their importance. Osmanthus fragrans (photo Apalachee Hills landscape). He then nurses them back to health for resale as a large ball and burlap tree to other nurseries, to some of the rich businessmen in the region, or to city parks. In Chinese herbal medicine a tea made from sweet olive bark is used to treat boils and carbuncles, whilst the essential oil is considered to have insect-repelling properties. ( Log Out /  1784; O.ovalis Miquel; Osmanthus longibracteatus H. T. Chang; O.macrocarpus P. Y. Bai.. Osmanthus Oolong is a fragrant green oolong infused with osmanthus flowers. I really enjoy reading this. ( Log Out /  It rests alone in the valley and when in bloom on a still early morning the entire valley is filled with its magic. Whether or not a true red exists in culture or in the wild is the stuff of legend, rumors and innuendo. My colleagues in China told me about a particularly delicious desert made by stuffing a lotus root full of of sticky rice and glazing it with osmanthus jam. With a distinct creamy white leaf margin surrounding a light green center and new growth featuring a pinkish-mauve tone, I was quite taken. An excellent poet. According to the reference, An Illustrated Monograph of the Sweet Osmanthus Cultivars in China, the cultivar name in Chinese is translated as "Heaven Fragrance Duplicate," indicating the intense fragrance of its flowers. There’s another species, O. yunnanensis, that is rarely encountered and we are proud to have a large specimen in the Ruby Mize Garden. I am a tiny bit jealous! ed. aurantiacus, a plant your neighbours are very unlikely to have. Try it at: The wine is common in the southern Chinese city of Guilin, whose name literally means "Forest of Osmanthus." Olea fragrans Thunberg ex Murray, Syst. Scientific name: Osmanthus fragrans. It’s no wonder then that Osmanthus fragrans is used so extensively in China for public landscaping. Native to China and enjoying a wide range, there are many old patriarchs over 1000 years old. During one of my visits in 2004, I was invited by scientist Xiang Qibai of the Nanjing Forestry University to participate in the first International Sweet Osmanthus conference in Shanghai, China in early October, 2004. Unnamed variety seen at Yong Feng Nursery near Ninghai, China in June 2016, Osmanthus fragrans ‘Qiannan Guifei’, Yong Feng Nursery, Ninghai, China, June 2016. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. However, I can now say that yes, variegated forms do exist. ( Log Out /  After all, China is home to a long history with the plant and harbors most of the world’s ancient germplasm of the species. I am The Frustrated Gardener and this is my blog. The fragrance in a confined space would be superb. In this case, it didn’t take me long to see the small grafted variegated trees in the nursery. In the last twenty years, an effort has been made to preserve the species in China and select superior cultivars. Chinese Zodiac Folklore S19; Wedding Folklore S19; Fall 2018. Aha, so that’s why 5-star hotels always smell so good. But in Hangzhou, one of northern China’s more elegant and green cities, the autumn air is now delicately infused with the smell of ripe peaches. Osmanthus flowers have a concentrated flavor. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The flowers’ scent is especially powerful in the evening, so plant close to doors, windows and terraces to get the best from them in late summer and autumn. I soon learned there was a catch to my visit. Tourists flock to gawk at their size and glory. Osmanthus found its way into alcohol in form of wine that is associated with the Mid-Autumn festival. The scent that greats me on my return to London is rain on tarmac and damp leaves. —Song Zhiwen, Tang Dynasty When osmanthus flowers exude their fragrance in autumn, it beckons one to remember the legend of the osmanthus tree on the moon that shades the moon goddess’s palace. Sweet olive is not a small shrub or tree, reaching 12 metres in time. In a carnival-like atmosphere, Chinese citizens flock to sweet olive festivals to bask in the fragrance and glory of the plant. Mmmm, I can smell them from here! Osmanthus fragrans var. While never destined for the mass market, it boasts good fragrance and growth rate. Mr. Wang wrestles very large and ancient trees from the mountains, cuts them back dramatically, and then brings them to his small patch of ground. Even moving at speed along the expressways of Taizhou, the pale orange flowers of Osmanthus fragrans var.

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