lumina equity imperative

America's Unmet Promise: The Imperative for Equity in Higher Education. 5. Ø‘˜nZššÃ‰.G§?�Ür(²{òÃÅá�…`¥@-ç‹@÷æ±¾Cbà�^şe‡}ÜÌ=ì7JJ€×d;FGH§“Õ6�ëècö:… Lumina’s Equity Imperative In its Strategic Plan 2013-2016, Lumina made a strong case for emphasizing equity in efforts to increase postsecondary attainment. 1025 0 obj <> endobj Serving the Equity Imperative: Intentional Action Toward Greater Student Success 2016 Complete College America's work, including this publication, has been made possible by generous grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Lumina Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Kresge Foundation, and other donors. efforts as the Lumina Foundation’s Equity Imperative and the Gates Foundation’s Intermediaries for Scale initiative.1 At the same time, early care and education systems, and the early childhood workforce itself, can make better progress toward their goals for supporting children and families Louisiana’s Equity … LA. It is admission acceptance time for high school seniors, admission scandals fill the news, and students are scrutinizing financial aid offers. Lumina Foundation’s Equity Imperative Committed to equity and excellence in higher education Core principles Equity: The recognition and analysis of historic, persistent factors that have created an unequal postsecondary education system. /��-Mk˽ Where does Lumina Spark fit within the mediation process? Our equity imperative is front and center in all this work, through investments in platforms that reach underserved learners, and our effort to invest in women and minority entrepreneurs. And she recalled recently the public reaction when we launched the Lumina equity imperative in 2014. This new publication from AAC&U was released at the 2015 Annual Meeting. At Lumina Foundation, we work to close gaps for people of color who can’t access or complete education beyond high school. Lumina Foundation’s Equity Imperative Committed to equity and excellence in higher education Core principles Equity: The recognition and analysis of historic, persistent factors that have created an unequal postsecondary education system. H‰\”Í�›@„ïw+şšîEB–¼vVò! endstream endobj 263 0 obj <>stream h�bbd```b``N�� ��D���Hv��$ �x��dzr$�vH�u������2����"�?��g_ z� Lumina Foundation. In the imperative, excellence is described as “clear, flexible and transparent pathways for learners in their pursuit of postsecondary credentials.” An excellent �B�H Related Publication . In June 2014, Lumina Foundation issued its Equity Imperative, offering principles for equity and excellence in postsecondary education. At Lumina Foundation, our Equity Imperative highlights the importance of addressing issues of racial justice and fairness as we work to correct systemic disparities by redesigning the higher education system to ensure that all Americans have a shot at success. See All. lÙ*°Uä©À£¬QQ£ÒGá£ôQø(}>J…�ê㿇¦§FOÖ¨¨QYcÜÊ5*û¬è³²Ş¸Ÿ”õ*êÕÇ^C½úØg¨×¸7{ÃÈoà7òø�ü~#¿�ßÈoà7òø�ü~#¿�ßÈoà7òø. Lumina Learning helped RCL FOODS, the leading food producer in South Africa, to engage and unite its workforce, develop authentic leadership, and drive team collaboration. s¹Â\A®0W�+Ìä Conference Sessions. Organization(s): Lumina Foundation As Lumina Foundation works to increase the nation’s education attainment rates, we embrace a dual commitment – to racial equity and to quality credentials. Finally, Lumina’s equity imperative drives all our state policy work to operate with a racial equity lens. The CCRI group is grateful to the Joyce Foundation, and Lumina Foundation for their generous funding of this research and development work in this area. ]SÇ9j¬/¶Ô[hz‡GÒ”ô)áSæÔ9tA]@—Ô%´PtE]A+µBµA“­[I¶låõ[ĞÂ\A®0W�+Ìä All this opens up discussions about wealthy students, elite institutions, low-income and minority students. (Lumina, 2017).12 As a result of the pressing need to close gaps in attainment linked to race and ethnicity, Lumina’s Equity Imperative places racial equity at the forefront of their goal to increase the percentage of the population with a high-quality postsecondary credential to 60% by 2025 (Lumina… In short, we seek to ensure that our systems of education beyond high … 4�H+O�S��V���kŠ���\Z}��D�8B� �GY��FR��� ��8�mg ��6!����cC�FG{yGGG��h`� �5it4[40v�et0ht0���40�W��j4�t����L ip��]A��[G����p�cf8��w���Q���A �VnKa���3e�4��\��4#+0�8~���* �` endstream endobj 1026 0 obj <>/Metadata 63 0 R/Pages 1023 0 R/StructTreeRoot 111 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 1027 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Parent 1023 0 R/Resources<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 1028 0 obj <>stream “equity imperative. Current Percentages Holding at Least a TwoYear Degree-Credentials Count. k†´¿�¡°Ÿ¡�'ºù¤>ÑŒ‚- Eı íü„Pbu×¥Jm¢Êôe-BkDƒ-Ûìİ#d5ás$ª� Ö7&¢†nE„t48\‘_: %%EOF Я9™„Ğ¥ º÷8²ÑİÂF÷ƒmùÚªT,OCŞİ¤=‡¨;'¨7OµæÅJ³½®”A§°4ú5…åày…%�Ü^YêH‚_TXº0^&?‘~AEªõ ğ¢üÜ[Y’…^§óhü›z­¿n3&XåfòÒ('®¯YK³€R>£õZkÓ¸UÜY÷ÈJWæÑv´�7ÛëQtM~Ôò©T%ğ‚—U¡ �øÚ"‘ÿ#�pÔ 3m&”îW¥k&üà©*ü³XÄ”y»$Dôa5ä•"!õ•�jƒJ�¦Ÿ€�×#Q ¼_pPŞş¹\MCÕNWŠ\ËZ€ä"5ÀZÖí¼c[ÅÓ¸Šñ!Yw*×ù¿ »§Æ �0�e����o�c ,X��#a. Lumina’s Equity Imperative Postsecondary Degree Attainment Lumina recognizes that, to make effective change in higher education, equity and excellence must be … The Equity Imperative By Cristen Moore - 03/28/2019 05/29/2019 Promising Policy: Driving Better Outcomes and Equity in Education. " Lumina Foundation's work has long been driven by our 'equity imperative,' a focus on justice for Black, Hispanic, and Native American students that we build into all of our efforts to increase the nation's educational attainment," said Timothy P. Robinson, assistant vice president, operations, and grants administration at Lumina. Three years ago, we created the Talent, Innovation, and Equity (TIE) initiative to see if we could identify and support states that were willing to dramatically increase attainment for … Propelling more Americans toward postsecondary credentials of value must continue to be a priority for states nationwide. Our commitment to this equity imperative is grounded both in moral values and practical realities that lie at the heart of Lumina’s work and mission. 1035 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[1025 24]/Info 1024 0 R/Length 75/Prev 619040/Root 1026 0 R/Size 1049/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Author Notes and Acknowledgments. %PDF-1.5 %���� Lumina Foundation for Education. In short, the equity imperative has to comprise a design imperative as well. More broadly, our Equity Imperative addresses issues of racial justice and fairness as we redesign the higher education system to be more affordable, accessible, accountable and … THREE PART FOCUS. ?Š“À0v�bŒ0>øí35eíJAÂÔˆ™ª¯Û3¤›İv7‹KÌ—nïwÆ~ö×Ëmî¼;øÓ0&yáú¡[£øÛ�Û)IÃâııºøónÿœ¤ßçŞÏÃxrO¿7ûg—îoÓôןı¸¸Ì­V®÷Ç`ôµ�¾µgïÒ¸ìeׇ÷Ãr k>güºOŞqœ¦»ôş:µ�ŸÛñä“&×Ê5ïáZ%~ìÿ{¯5—�İŸvNšüK˜œeªáެÂøıs\‡q‘ÅqxıJı Read more. h��V�n7�>&h�%9�� ]�F@� � ������$HJ�}ϐ+�i��c��r�!g��3gWIrB %��-AX�X���1RDY%�6�3Z(#y�!HV�d�r޳d�V*��`�E�ؾ��͛f|��6G�l������VXrʹݽ���mUͺ��Lc0_��� �̷��d���ά�E�!Iޑ�rޯ;�����L���u�x2����4m�����y�]/��j�(e�8By3ެ֝�ͻ�s My��cw�Q6����l������7a#��(��p]�c�I���,I\���/j�?�����u Equity in higher education is making headlines right now. The five conditions of collective impact, implemented without attention to equity, are not enough to create lasting change. We spoke to leading dispute resolution specialist Clive Lewis OBE to get the answers. America’s Divided Recovery: College Haves and Have -Nots, 2016. Daniel Hickey ( is a Professor, Suraj Uttamchandani ( is a doctoral candidate, and Grant Chartrand ( is a doctoral student, all with the Learning Sciences Program in the Indiana University School of Education. The Equity Imperative. h�b```�Lf�B ���� The Equity Imperative in Collective Impact. ... it’s much easier to digest that it must be poverty,” noted Mercado in a recent report published by Lumina Foundation. “We received immediate feedback that the imperative was external-facing only,” Susan said. Lumina Foundation’s Equity Imperative, January 2017. Strategic Plan: “equity imperative” to close gaps in higher education attainment by race/ethnicity. As the plan explains: Not only will the nation fall short of the attainment levels it needs unless these gaps are closed, the fact that they exist must be rejected on moral grounds • Elimination of widening postsecondary attainment gaps for American Indian, African-American and Hispanic For more information, see our project profile Scaling Community College Baccalaureate Degrees: The Equity Imperative. s¹Â\A®¬©×Ğì� ?Âşú#ì� ?¾‡GÒTd«ÀV‘­[E¶ 1048 0 obj <>stream Reaching Wider: A Dialogue across Boundaries. The Equity and Economic Educational Imperative 11/28/2012 03:08 pm ET Updated Jan 28, 2013 In this Tuesday, May 8, 2012 photo, fourth grader Trevon Davis, 9, works on a computer in computer class at Moreland Hills Elementary School in Pepper Pike, Ohio. The Equity Imperative is Lumina’s commitment to equity and excellence in higher education; it focuses us on closing attainment gaps for Native … THE EQUITY IMPERATIVE In June 2014, Lumina Foundation released the Equity Imperative. ����7�6L�S.���0�����z��N�C��/���� Provide support for solutions that advance Lumina’s equity imperative — solutions that place equity and excellence at the center of their models — to give all Americans, regardless of race, income, and other socioeconomic factors, a fair shot at success The Equity Imperative in Collective Impact . Located in the University of Southern endstream endobj startxref ... President and CEO, Lumina Foundation Since 1999, the Center for Urban Education (CUE) has led socially conscious research and developed tools to help institutions of higher education produce equitable student outcomes. • Elimination of widening postsecondary attainment gaps for Native American, African American and Latino vF�~“üVF�˜°ÉV§ü>픀”–e³vìà^çÎë~ë¡Úˆºï…kQwK6‚Õ‡#{@Ú{Štôi#7 ­×#İàA‰´{*tòV7îŞy5c¶��g |„NFŒeh"a4j"F×iœXJú&d!ìCÄtPÇ`Pei4Í2äü•Ÿ¾ 0 The five conditions of collective impact, implemented without attention to equity, are not enough to create lasting change. LOUISIANA’S CHALLENGE.

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