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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Have you seen those countdowns right before a movie started? This “-90%” discount is arguably the most compelling line of copy we could think of! What do countdown emails offer consumers (and consequently, businesses)? Read on to get inspired by this roundup of great timers, and … Use these developer resources to easily integrate add-ons and third-party services. To provide a seamless experience, consider also showing categories and additional advantages such as free delivery and free collection. personalizes the countdown timer for each email. It offers dozens of ways for marketers to increase customer engagement and spend via email. Get up to 300% increase in CTR and up to 10% in sales. At the end of the email, the benefits are listed. Before this you never succeed to embed countdown timers in your emails.. Sharing your countdown via email or Facebook! With your new launch/collection launch/book publication coming up, you want to make sure that people mark their calendars with your event first. Use a CTA button that directs the users to the sale page on your site and position the CTA near the timer. Besides the fact that increasing the frequency of emails which could hurt your open rate, you’d have to go through twice the trouble and time on your part. This software is cloud-hosted, mobile responsive, and is incredibly simple to set up. Apr 28, 2020 - Selection of emails that are driving urgency counting down to the end of a sale/offer. The clock can easily be overlooked when not appropriately designed. Use our countdown timer in emails today or pick one of ready to use, One more thing: we have more of these articles…Â. Their timers have been used for millions of email marketing campaigns. Orchestrate highly effective, multichannel customer communications, at scale. Top it up with a compelling offer and an image design they won’t miss! After logging in you can close it and return to this page. They are highly useful. (Only have 10 secs? This email by travel company Suiteness is a perfect example of an email contest done well. 4. Place the countdown timer at the beginning of the email, ensuring recipients see it even if they don’t scroll down. It's a powerful tool. You can make this part of a workflow, which could be followed by a discount code for the day or week. So keep it clean, with high-converting design. It is very easy to add one to your emails with Stripo — you will only need to work on its design. Are you launching a new service and are taking signups in the meantime? Inserting a new countdown timer element to a new campaign is fairly easy and straightforward. You can also add countdown timers to emails, of course. Function of Beauty. Rest API. Please log in again. This would be followed by “Sales period just launched” and then, “One day to go“, and “Few hours to go- Shop while stock lasts“. (After all, our Campaign Editor is an award-winning one.). If they want to receive items the next day, trigger that sense of urgency. Plus, we’d definitely try our luck to win a share of $1 million in booking credits. Gusto Restaurants. Available throughout Moosend’s subscription plans, adding a countdown timer in emails is a must for all fast-growing businesses. 3. Instant updates. Keep your copy short, and remove any distractions from your newsletter. The feeling that countdown timers alone generate is a stirrer itself! More specifically, to communicate a weekend-long sale, you would have to design, say, four newsletters. Then, simply add an image of destinations as in the example above. shop on the spot, or stay put to shop a limited edition collection online), – Countdown timers help consumers excite users and consumers with their “personalized” heads-up messages (e.g. All rights reserved. Automobile industry can send emails with countdown before the launch of their new … What do these examples of countdown timers tell us? Feb 25, 2018 - Explore Michelle Morales's board "Email - Countdown Timers" on Pinterest. Finding ways to empower your customer’s inbox with high personalization and interaction levels is crucial to your CRM email marketing campaigns’ success. When used right, countdown popups can help grow your email list, keep your subscribers engaged, sell more products, reduce cart abandonment, and more. Keep the message short, simple, and straightforward. The timer neatly highlights how much time customers have left to claim the deal… Get More Email Countdown Timer Examples and Ideas by Moosend! Yes. Some people count down to the end of their workday (or so we’ve heard), others, count down to their birthdays, and the vast majority counting down to the end of the month (when their next paycheck arrives). How to use a countdown timer in emails: Create a ticking offer for free shipping; Free shipping finds itself in the top 3 places of conversion tactics. 5. Retailers can inform their readers about the expiry of the abandoned products in the cart. For a big sale, like Black Friday, “Soon” means in a few days, since you want to give the readers time to prepare for the big day. Keep the copy clean and, like grandpa used to say, “Make them an offer they can’t refuse”. By running a random flash sale on your merchandise (or part of it), you might not get a conversion rate as high as usual, but you can tap that opportunity window and get some new users to shop.       Â. Inform recipients of the expiry date of their cart: in other words, let them know by which day their cart will be stored. Countdown timers are one of the most effective ways to add urgency to your email message. Welcome those who sign up to be notified when your service launches with a countdown timer of the exact time and date you are launching. These are two characteristics help establish you in the minds of your users as a reliable professional. 4. This technique applies to both email templates and signup forms. By “real time” we mean that your timer will show the true number of remaining days, hours, minutes or seconds remaining until the offering expires. It can start counting both for each client individually, like "Evergreen Countdown … This is for spot effects not movies, for example twinkles, blinking, counting seconds. Countdowns are everywhere, literally part of our everyday lives! An application of the Rule of Scarcity in social economics, adding a countdown timer in emails accentuates urgency and skyrockets CTR and sales. Starts once a subscriber opens the email. So, every time your subscribers open their email to see how much time they have left, they will be getting an actual update on the remaining time. We really loved the extra touch of the CTA button “Je fonce” (:I’m rushing). That’s why this kind of sale should be promoted a few days before. Countdown timers make a great way to amplify urgency in emails and encourage users to take immediate action. Consumers see a row of numbers, with the final column of numbers counting down in seconds. How do we know everyone loves countdowns? This gif would link to the website page with the items in stock. If not, you’ll pass. 1. The clock can easily be overlooked when not appropriately designed. This technology currently powers hundreds of millions of emails per month. We can provide online training. Event companies can use countdown in emails to send reminder to the attendees about the event. The day and time to send such emails change according to the deal that you are trying to promote. Modify the timer at any time, even after a campaign is sent. In the context of event email marketing tactics, the goal of … Join in the excitement of users’ birthdays; send them an email counting down to the day they were born! It is January 21st and you want to schedule an email for the next month. (the awesome Daniel Gelbshtein also massively contributed to the article), Be the first to know all about the latest Marketing tips & tricks, Industry special insights and more. If your “From” line … Make the most of your dedicated fan base. Jump to the TL;DR section at the bottom of this post.). Save your users the unpleasant surprise of not being able to serve them during site maintenance. Here are some interesting email marketing facts you need to know in 2019. We went fishing for the best countdown timer email out there. Countdown timers in emails. big changes at DM)” “Big Celebrity Announcement” “Announcing the 2nd Annual Content & Commerce Summit” “Announcing: The 7th Annual Black Friday Bootcamp” “Yep, that just happened…” 5 examples of countdown timer emails When used in emails, countdown timers should draw attention to your CTA, not distract from it. RyanAir’s “1.000.000 seats” for less (below) is also an offer their subscribers would not resist: Do you need more inspiration about your email design? All without sounding too salesy. Convince your subscribers that your offer is not going to be valid after the expiry date. You can create countdown timers to embed with your html email templates. C. Edit labels on your timer to suit your needs. Here, Society6 used a timer with a countdown to the shipping deadline day to receive orders by December 24. By analogy, a countdown timer in emails does the trick for your customers: – Countdown timers help consumers plan their actions (e.g. You head over to our foolproof Campaign Editor and easily generate a countdown timer: 1. By leveraging the Rule of Scarcity, companies instigate in consumers a need to own something that is selling out fast or one that is discounted. The app also has the best countdown timer designs from all the software options on this list. Anything that might draw their attention elsewhere might detract from your CTA. Make the most of your cart abandonment emails by increasing excitement with countdowns! Watch recorded webinars about a wide range of practical and valuable marketing topics. Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and what drives their behavior. Let’s make the best out of the remaining 6.5 minutes. Remind and prepare your participants for your event. This is … Delve into the Optimove API, add-on products and third-party integrations. Get daily updates of the gaming industry’s trends, insights, and benchmarks amid the coronavirus. Don’t ask me how I found out. A good “Early Bird” email with a countdown timer also gives the recipients time to prepare for the big day. Timerdash is a software that allows you to create customized countdown timers to embed in your emails.It works with the majority of email service providers, too.. Like seeing a moving idol on a white sheet was not exciting enough on its own. A weekly video stream of CRM tips, knowledge and analysis. However, using a countdown timer in emails will help you reach twice the goals you set at the beginning. Optimove’s data scientists create a bespoke predictive customer model for every client. It’s beautifully designed, interactive and a fun take on using a countdown timer. is a marketing application which helps your to create urgency, scarcity to your customer. Gmail promo annotations. See more ideas about Email design, Countdown, Countdown timer. Countdown timers are one of the truly unique features you can use in your newsletter campaigns to make your design stand out from your competition. For the users who have been viewing pages or specific products on your website / eshop, you can motivate them with the use of timers. Up until now, to send out a countdown timer in emails, your’d have to design a couple of emails. There are 12 email countdown timers to choose from. Banks while offering a limited period loan offer to customers can also take the advantage of countdown in email to show the validity of the offer. Remember to write copy as powerful as your offering! How to Use Countdown Popups. First, you would have to send out a newsletter campaign reading “3 days left until sale starts!”. This is why it is considered a best practice to send out a teaser in advance. Use any date formatted merge tag that is unique to a subscriber. When the sale is big (like Black Friday), send your email a few days before the sale, allowing customers to prepare themselves and tell their friends about it, too. Adding this countdown timer to their homepage increased sales by 8%. We made a list of the main benefits you will be harnessing: If you run an e-commerce store and send out a countdown email well in advance, you give your subscribers they chance to plan their budget, their spendings, their timetable. Shop now for less! Counting down to offers ending in various product categories might not be as effective as running a sale across all of them at once. Automobile industry can send emails with countdown before the launch of their new car. The login page will open in a new tab. Moosend is different because what you get is a real-time countdown timer gif. You let customers know how soon the Black Friday sale ends. Another plus of this design is that the gif is in black and white. Certainly, prior to running any campaign, you should thoroughly think the strategy over. The ultimate goal of using dynamic components in your emails should be to evoke the fear of missing out (FOMO) – associated with scarcity – and ultimately creating a sense of urgency. Get specific examples of data-driven campaigns created by brands with Optimove. Broaden your knowledge in customer modeling, retention best practices and more. Head over to the Editor, insert a countdown timer, and click on it, for the settings to appear. When users see the clock ticking on a deal, they process this type of content much faster, and it helps them understand that time is money. BONUS: Get More Email Countdown Timer Examples and Ideas by Moosend! Learn how brands in your industry are using Optimove to improve every customer KPI. Optimove offers a wide variety of professional services and best-practices consulting. For this example, we're going to use a free timer from CountdownMail. For example, use the words: Send a reminder email 4 hours before the end of the sale to create further urgency. With teaser emails, we usually try to announce three things: Did you know that the Rule of Scarcity also applied to your not-so-popular product categories? Consider sending out a series of emails which reveal small surprises or intrigue subscribers. Keep it short. Copyright © 2020, Mobius Solutions. Sale ends on Sunday February 13th, at 23.59.”. Subscribe to the leading content source for relationship marketing professionals. Couple that with a countdown timer and raise the conversion rate faster than ever! Inform users on the expiration date of a specific offer and watch your CTR rocket! Here’s a list of ideas you could consider: Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes news, and more. Alternatively, you could quickly customize one of your previous campaigns simply by Duplicating it and inserting a timer. Find out how you can include a real-time countdown timer in your emails - including animation effects such as changing seconds, color or spot movement. Get inspired by the following examples. In essence, you are satisfying an ensemble of needs, and given the standard shipping fee, users will be tempted to purchase more, even if they don’t need it, or to offer to friends. Countdown timers. Combined with an offer, a countdown clock like this can help put some pressure on your users and increase the number of people converting on your pre-launch landing page. The “Christmas Countdown” is 100% safe since you can view it from home. Complement this with “These clothes are taking you places. Essentially, this rough estimate helps you plan. Below, an event reminder email sample with a countdown that you can copy for your upcoming reminder emails. The easier the shopping experience is, the better. Addison Lee used the timer to advertise a special Daytime Discount. Couple that with a countdown timer and raise the conversion rate faster than ever! our Campaign Editor is an award-winning one. Gamification is also a golden strategy here, by getting your subscribers to communicate your event so as to win a special offer through their referrals. The CountdownMail API provides the means to manage countdown timers. Track your campaign with real time impression analytics. Countdown Timer Email Examples: Boden – I What is the email client support for your countdown timers? For example, countdown timers are a fantastic tool to communicate offers and encourage customers to take action quickly as they call for a sense of urgency. You’ll need 7 minutes to read this post on the advantages of using a countdown timer in emails. OR ""In precisely 184,072 minutes"" It's fun!, Countdown can countdown to your events in many different units! A well-placed countdown timer can increase conversion and retention rates dramatically. Images appear in shapes of numbers counting down from 5. Oh, well. Countdown timer in emails helps digital marketers create a sense of urgency. Take a look at this example where the countdown clock is counting down to when users will lose access to a special in app perk. Cyclic Countdown Timer Email countdown timer that starts over when the countdown ends. Gusto’s email opens with a great image and a countdown to Father’s Day. You can use countdown timers for email for any type of business, be it an online store, a delivery service or a medical webinar production company. Practically, you want smart scheduling for your email to correctly count down from February 3rd to February 4th, when your sales period is off. Moreover, Optimove’s DynamicMail add-on product allows marketers to embed dynamic, interactive, and personalized content into emails. Make your countdown timer stand out in the email while making sure to stick to your brand colors. People often debate the ideal email length. Most often, countdown timers are used in email campaigns in order to: boost quick sales; remind that a sale is about to expire; remind that a sale is about to start; notify that a deal is about to expire; You own an eshop and want to run a quick sale over the weekend. “Time is running out, stock is running low”) They can offer discounts on different products for a limited period of time through email with the help of countdown in emails. An email countdown timer is like any other countdown timer, but it’s applied to an email. Let’s dive into how to make the most of these capabilities. Achieve marketing mastery with our marketing how-to guides, DIY hacks, reports and more. Use a headline like “ Ends Tomorrow” to instantly communicate the purpose of the message and create excitement around a sale/promotion. Simply choose the expiration day (here, February 4th) on the Timer’s calendar. I mean, who hasn’t spent three hours counting down to zero, eating pop corn, waiting for the launch to start? Also, it gives everyone something to look forward to, because every email’s content is a surprise. Countdown Mail is a popular app for creating email countdown timers. If, throughout the article I estimated the remaining read time left for you, you would know whether to speed up or slow down. Examples of Countdown Timer in email. This launch email example is a minimalist piece that includes fundamental information about the product, such as the name and the image of the shoes. Here’s another example of a countdown timer on a homepage, this time from Edible Arrangements. Essentially, countdowns elicit a feeling of impatience in us, a gut feeling, a fight-or-flight mode, alertness. Click Generate Timer when you are happy with the customization of the timer (title, theme, background color, etc.). See what you can do with your countdown timer on Moosend’s platform: We like how this brand chose to achieve maximum communication in such a minimal way. This is a style you can replicate by customizing the email countdown timer boxes on Moosend’s Editor. A countdown timer in emails is a real-time countdown gif. Such as: ""In 178,326 heartbeats!"". Get More Email Countdown Timer Examples and Ideas by Moosend! Track each time your message is opened. From product launches, to eshop launches, to new product launches, to so much more (see below). 8 Announcement email subject line samples “(ANNOUNCEMENT) C&C 2017 lineup revealed…” “MAJOR announcement! Discover best practices and industry insights from customer marketing experts. The exception to this is Desktop Outlook 2007+, which will show only a static image of the timer. In this example from British Airways, an email countdown timer is used to count down the days... 2) Personalised coupon countdown. You see, besides public holidays and popular celebrations, there might be other occasions your subscribers are celebrating. Because letting you estimate the approximate read time will help you take action: if you have 7 minutes, you will read the article. This is what one of our designers put together for you: Another idea is to send out a countdown timer to those who sign up to your newsletter for the first time, giving them a $20 coupon for their first purchase, expiring within the first week.

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