OMG! Heart goes to BRIC House

OMG! Heart goes to BRIC House

Intervention: Indigo by Laura Anderson Barbata – Handwoven Indigo Textiles by Habibou Coulibaly I went to see Material Cultures, a Fiber Arts installation, at BRIC House Brooklyn! Textile and Fashion lovers will enjoy the tribal-inspired garments by Laura Barbata. Crochet lovers will enjoy Xenobia Bailey’s mandalas. Embroidery and Painting lovers will enjoy Sophia Narrett’s hand-embroidered […]

Heather Phillipson at Frieze Art Show 2016

OMG! Heart goes to The Frieze

100% Other Fibers by Heather Phillipson @ The Frieze Art Show 2016 Spring Frieze came to town and my buddy treated me to a day! Frieze, an art fair consisting of galleries from around the world, features leading contemporary and emerging artists. Here are some notables from the Frieze. Maurizio Cattelan, Italy, featured a live […]

OMG! Heart Goes To St. Louis

OMG! Heart Goes To St. Louis

Muffler Art at Don’s Mufflers – Cherokee Street – South City Yup! St. Louis, Missouri. It was my first time in the true Midwest! I’ve been to Chicago, Ann Arbor, even drove through Indiana briefly! But that’s pretty much it. I was excited to get the chance to visit and stay with my friend, Marlene, […]

OMG! Heart goes to Maker Faire 2012

Maker Faire 2012 Above photo album can also be viewed at my Imgur Gallery. Hello, Maker Week NYC 2012! The 3rd Annual Maker Faire just blew through town. It also happened to mark the 1st Annual “Maker Week” here in NYC! As declared by Mayor Bloomberg, September 24-30 is officially Maker Week and is an […]

OMG! Heart goes to Stitch N’ Pitch 2012

At The Mets! No, that’s not me! But on Sun, June 3, just days after Johan Santana pitched the first no-hitter game in Mets History on June 1, 2012, I went to my first Mets Game in a long time! The Mets are my hometown team and it was a very special night. Not only […]

OMG! Heart goes to Lancaster, Pennsylvania

OMG! Heart goes to Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Finger Pin Cushion from The Old Country Store Look what I found when I went to visit Lancaster, PA earlier this year! Well actually I didn’t find it. I totally missed it. My BF found it and got it for me as a surprise 🙂 🙂 🙂 Score! AWESOME FINGER PIN CUSHION! It’s a tiny […]

OMG! Heart goes to Sheep & Wool Festival

See Sheep & Wool Festival on Google Photos Album for the full gallery. I made it out to The Sheep & Wool Family Festival up in Rhinebeck, NY and it was so fun! It’s a veritable yarn wonderland, so many lovely yarn producers were showing and there were many sales to be had. I had […]

OMG! Heart goes to Maker Faire

PS. If the above player doesn’t work, see my photos right on Flickr here. I had so much fun at last weekend’s Maker Faire 2011 at the Hall of Science, Flushing Meadow Corona Park here in NYC! I managed to see most of the artists and vendors on my list but totally missed out on […]